Owners sprucing up former Carter Steel plant

An under-utilized manufacturing property on Bellefontaine’s south end is getting polished up for prospective customers.

Construction teams have been going over 69,000 square feet of warehousing and 8,240 square feet of office space at the former Carter Steel Plant, 1240 Carlisle St., according to Mike Silverstein, who is working on behalf of Bellefontaine H-D Co. to ready the site.

Mr. Silverstein’s family once owned and operated Carter Steel which closed in 1990s. The site was later sold at auction to Bellefontaine H-D founder Harry Denune, who died last March.

Mr. Silverstein said the owners asked him to oversee work at the property because of his extensive knowledge of the facility which includes a 22,400-square-foot, open-sided but roofed crane bay.

The site also includes a large parking area that has been home to 92 semi trailers filled with scrap metal. Those trailers are being hauled away by D&J Metals, 621 Plumvalley St., for salvaging, according to Bellefontaine Service-Safety Director James Holycross.

“Dane (Taylor, owner of D&J) is trying to do it safely and he contacted us to let us know about the project,” Mr. Holycross said. “It’s going to take some time for him to do it, but I look forward to the site being cleaned up and something good moving in there.”

Mr. Holycross, who is a former city fire chief, said there was some concern of environmental hazards inside the trailers years ago when the units were transported here.

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency inspected the trailers and did not find any hazardous material, Mr. Holycross said.

“They’re just full of scrap metal,” he said.

Mr. Silverstein said the trailers will be emptied, dismantled and cut down so the various metals can be sold for recycling. Even the tires will be shipped to shredding operations, he said.

Mr. Taylor said he should be finished with the trailers by spring.

Anyone interested in the Bellefontaine H-D property can call Mr. Silverstein at (937) 215-7844.