Boy’s tantrum lands him in JDC

A 12-year-old Bellefontaine boy faces delinquency charges of domestic violence and disorderly conduct after a Friday evening tirade at his home.

BellefontainePolice patch

He reportedly hit his brother while playing a video game, tried to throw a chair at his grandmother and struggled with his grandfather. He continued with his belligerent behavior, telling his custodial grandparents and officers of the Bellefontaine Police Department he did not have to listen to them and threatened to run away.

The boy reportedly was playing a violent war re-enactment game at the time. Officers suggested the grandparents remove the game player from the house which prompted the boy to say he would smash it before they could take it.

He was taken to the Logan County Juvenile Detention where he threatened to stab a correction officer in the neck with a pencil.