Sheriff: Suspected police impersonator is actual Westerville investigator

Members of the Westerville Police Department contacted Logan County Sheriff Andrew J. Smith late Friday and confirmed, contrary to initial reports, that one of their officers had been investigating a case earlier this week at a rural West Mansfield home.

LoCoSheriff sign

A message from the Westerville officer reportedly was not received by that department’s dispatchers, which caused them to incorrectly inform Logan County authorities that no Westerville officers were in the county.

Westerville police also confirmed today that the case their officer was investigating was, in fact, not related to a missing person. However, they would not comment further about the ongoing investigation except to say it does not pertain to a violent crime or pose any danger to Logan County residents.

Logan County Sheriff deputies were dispatched about 8:30 a.m. Thursday to the residence to investigate a suspicious person report.

A woman at that residence reported that a male subject approached her home that morning and identified himself as a police officer. She noted that the man was wearing a badge on his belt and showed her an identification card, which she thought identified him as a Westerville police officer.

He then showed her a picture and began to question her about a missing teenage boy. The complainant said that she told the man that she did not know anything about the boy, and he left the residence in a silver car which was identified as a rental vehicle.