Emergency plans were in place, but not necessary to deal with extreme cold

Logan County officials were prepared to open warming centers or shelters in response to the severe low temperatures, but no such need arose.



Each school district in Ohio is allotted five calamity days per school year.

However, many local district also utilize an online make-up work option for students that gives the schools three extra calamity days after the five-day limit is passed.

■ Benjamin Logan Schools now has used eight calamity days this school year

■ Indian Lake and Riverside schools each have hit the seven-day mark.

■ West Liberty-Salem has used six days.

■ Bellefontaine City Schools did not close today and the distric t has used four calamity days this school year.

Over the two days the cold front moved across Ohio, weather observers at Bellefontaine Wastewater Treatment Plant recorded a high temperature of -3 degrees Monday that dropped to -13 degrees overnight into Tuesday.

Temperatures had warmed to 12 degrees by Tuesday afternoon and dropped to a low of -10 degrees early today. By 8:30 a.m. today, the temperatures were back to 9 degrees, weather observers report.

But no emergency situations were reported over the two-day period, Logan County Emergency Management Agency Director Helen Norris said.

“As far as this particular incident I had reached out to Dayton Power and Light’s (regional representative) and asked him to notify of any outages that were going to last more than two hours because if so, it could have been a dangerous situation,” she said.

“The Red Cross had a warming center we could have opened and our disaster action team was on standby.”

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