Two sent to prison, four plead guilty to drug crimes



A pair of defendants was imprisoned, and four others pleaded guilty to drug-related crimes this week in Logan County Common Pleas Court.

Dylan Kossel, 19, of Russells Point, was sentenced to 55 months in prison for three counts of theft of a motor vehicle and a community control violation.

The defendant already was on community control this summer when he participated in a series of car thefts from around the county.

The law favors consecutive sentences when a defendant commits new crimes while on supervision, Judge Mark S. O’Connor said as he ordered the defendant to serve three 15-month sentences for each car theft and a 10-month prison sentence for violating probation one after the other.

Judge O’Connor did note the defendant appeared more mature Monday than he has in previous interactions. The court said it thought much of that reason was time the defendant has previously spent at the West Central Community Based Correctional Facility.

The defendant spent 53 days at that facility last year, but was dismissed from the program after he fought with another inmate.

The defendant maintains he was goaded into that confrontation.

The judge said he would entertain a judicial release motion when Mr. Kossel is eligible in six months. He said he would consider referring the defendant back to West Central at that time.

Also sentenced were:



John Moran


Gary Doseck, 48, of Bellefontaine: 9 months in prison for trafficking in drugs and possession of drugs; and

John Moran, 40, of Lakeview: pleaded guilty to theft of drugs and was granted intervention in lieu of conviction and was ordered to complete drug counseling and three years’ community control.

Pleading guilty were:

Chance Hawkins, 40, of Lakeview: trafficking in drugs and non-support of dependents; Tony Whitt, 43, of Russells Point: trafficking in drugs and possession of drugs; and Christopher Adkins, 25, of Bellefontaine: theft of drugs. Presentence investigations were ordered and those defendants each will be sentenced Feb. 10.