UPDATE: Frigid air cuts local production schedules

 Extreme cold temperatures led manufacturing plants to shut down production Monday and and Tuesday.

Schedules altered by cold weather


Because of inclement weather, the following changes have been made to regular schedules:


• Lakeview Village Council canceled its regu- lar meeting scheduled for Monday. The next regular meeting is Monday, Jan. 20.


•Refuse pickup Tuesday by Allied Waste Service, a division of Republic Services, in Bellefontaine has been canceled. Collection service should begin again Wednesday, and will be one day late for customers during the week.


• The Joint Sewer Board meeting for the vil- lages of Quincy and DeGraff, set for Jan. 6, has been rescheduled to Monday, Jan. 13, at 7 p.m. at the sewer plant.

Honda of America Manufacturing B and C shifts are canceled for Tuesday.

Belletech — 2nd shift canceled; 3rd shift report as normal

Honda of America Manufacturing Inc.’s decision to cancel production shift B and C for Monday and shifts A, B and C for Tuesday at its Marysville and East Liberty auto plants and at the Anna Engine Plant had a ripple effect in its suppliers.

Belletech Corp. canceled its second production shift for Monday and first and second for Tuesday. Its third shift, which supplies a Ford plant in Canada, will run as scheduled.

Belletech’s Mark McIntyre said most of the plant’s business is Honda, so the company typically follows Honda’s lead.

ISS America Inc., a parts sup- plier, stopped production with its second shift Monday and shut- down both shifts for Tuesday. Normal production will resume Wednesday.

AGC Automotive Americas sus- pended production for its B and C shifts for Monday. Maintenance personnel reported for work as did shipping associates who were notified by the company.