GOOD DAY, GOOD NEWS: Generous stranger picks up grocery tab

An area resident is appreciative today of the kindness that was shown to her by a generous stranger New Year’s Day when she was shopping at Community Markets, 870 E. Sandusky Ave.

Beverly Collins said she was attempting to pay for some grocery items at the store about noon that day when she experienced difficulty with her bank card. At that moment, a kind woman pulled out her pocketbook and paid for the entire grocery bill, about $50 in total.

At first, Mrs. Collins said she wasn’t sure what had just transpired, and then her driver told her about the woman’s kind gesture.

“I could barely hear anyone say anything, and then the clerk and my driver, Phyllis Lyons, recognized what she had said.

“I wish to thank her, but was in such a state of shock, I did not get her name.”

Mrs. Collins described her as a “lovely long-haired blonde lady.” Mrs. Collins said the offer was especially appreciated with the approaching winter weather, and because she no longer drives, so arranging trips to the grocery store must be planned in advance.

“I no longer drive, so getting back to grocery to repeat shopping needs would have been difficult.”