Teen turns in coins

BellefontainePolice patch

An 18-year-old Bellefontaine teen turned in $100 Monday evening after a machine at Hi-Point Car Wash malfunctioned, officers report.

Clayton J. Costin reportedly put $10 into the change machine and it shot out $100 in $1 coins. He turned the coins in to police and they called business owner Matt Robinson to collect the money.




Two lodged for assaulting women





David R. Cooper, 28, of 509 S. Detroit St., Apt. 2, was arrested around 2 a.m. Tuesday for felonious assault.

Officers of the Bellefontaine Police Department responded to the apartments and found Ashley Niebuer in a stairwell. She was bloodied and her right eye was swollen shut. The swelling protruded from her face and was seeping clear fluid, officers report.

She reported the suspect hit her during a drunken argument. A Bellefontaine squad transported her to Mary Rutan Hospital for treatment of the injuries.

Officers went to the apartment and encountered Jamy Johnson who resisted letting them in, saying the suspect was asleep. Officers pointed out they could see him on the couch with his eyes open.

She claimed she hit the victim.

Officers took the suspect into custody and lodged him in the Logan County Jail.

• Wesley Makemson, 31, of 547 E. Columbus Ave., Apt. 14, was arrested Tuesday for assault and violating a protection order after 4:55 a.m. incident at his residence.

Officers were called to the area after a 911 call from a cell phone was mapped to the area. They overheard the defendant and a female talking.

They knocked on the door and he responded, claiming he was just talking to his cat before walking away. Officers knocked again and Donna Moran of Rushsylvania responded and whispered to the officers, “Help me.”

She said he called her and convinced her to come to the apartment. He allegedly argued with her, slapped her, wouldn’t let her get dressed and ripped her bra off.

She was able to dial 911 without him noticing.

He was arrested and lodged in jail. Later, he was placed in the restraint chair.

Residence hit Christmas Day

Michael and Nancy Peak came home around 6:15 p.m. Christmas Day to find someone had entered their 533 Stone Bridge Blvd. residence and stole most of the presents under their Christmas tree along with a television, jewelry and collectible coins.

Police are investigating the burglary.

• Dwayne Harmon reported Tuesday that Big T’s Variety Store, 310 Water Ave., was entered overnight and $50 was taken from the cash drawer along with other items.