UPDATE: Weekend rains flood Logan County

Weekend rainfall eclipsed three inches and accompanying snow melt has rendered several local roadways virtually impassable as the Great Miami River has flooded its banks.


A rarely seen occurrence — water inundates the docks and lower sidewalk Sunday at Russells Point Harbor.


Water surges over the spillway Sunday at Russells Point and touches the bottom of the State Route 366 bridge.


The new wind turbines at Honda Transmission Manufacturing in Russells Point appear Sunday under a foreboding post storm sky.

High water has been reported on numerous county roads, the Logan County Engineer’s Office reports.

County Road 54 at County Road 60 is closed in both directions; County Road 11, in the vicinity of Township Road 24; and County Road 32 at the Logan County Sheriff’s Office.

High water and hazardous travel was also reported on State Route 274 just west of Indian Lake High School.

Bellefontaine Wastewater treatment plant reported 3.7 inches of weekend rainfall. Weather observer Wayne Wickerham of Huntsville measured 3.44 inches of rain since Friday.

The Great Miami River flooded north of Dayton in Sidney to west of Cincinnati in Miamitown, the Associated Press reported.

Officers of the Bellefontaine Police Department issued a citation this morning to a woman who drove her sport-utility vehicle around the posted signs and attempted to navigate standing water along County Road 32.

She and a child about the age of 5 had to be towed out of the water, police report.

Crews from the engineer’s office will spend today evaluating high water areas, tearing down and erecting barricades as needed.

 Motorists are cautioned never to drive through standing water on the road.

Temperatures are forecast to drop throughout today, and refreezing will be a concern for crews overnight and into Tuesday.


Heavy winds Saturday evening sheared off the roof at A&H Hose & Fitting Co., 6115 State Route 366, Huntsville, leaving debris strewn across adjacent fields. Contractors worked to replace the roof Sunday. (EXAMINER PHOTOS | RICK PITTS)


A&H Hose & Fitting Co. suffered extensive damage to the roof, much of which, blew across S.R. 366 into adjacent farm fields.


A home adjacent to A&H Hose was struck with debris where a resident reportedly suffered a broken arm during the storm's high winds. (EXAMINER PHOTOS | RICK PITTS)