Appearances aside, work continues to restore courthouse

More than 18 months ago, straight line 80-mph winds twisted the Logan County Courthouse’s massive clock tower.


Midstate Contractors Inc. workers install a new floor level around the brick foundation for the Logan County Courthouse clock tower. It is hoped a new tower can be installed next year. (EXAMINER PHOTO | JOEL E. MAST)

That single event on June 29, 2012, forced the removal of the 70-foot tower structure and set the Logan County Commissioners on a complex and ongoing journey that will do more than restore the 141-year-old tower.

“It’s almost as if we’ve become the construction commissioners,” Dustin Wickersham said this week. “But this is part of our heritage.”

For the past year, the courthouse has sat with little apparently happening.

Work has been ongoing, mainly in developing plans for reconstruction and potential renovations.

That bothers some in the legal community who believe more should be done and done quickly.

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