Some employees’ spouses no longer covered by county insurance

Spousal exclusion policy effective Jan. 1

Logan prepares to join multiple other Ohio counties and private industries as it enacts a policy that would prohibit county employees from enrolling their spouses onto the employee health plan if coverage is otherwise available.

Effective Jan. 1, a “Spousal Exclusion Policy” prevents county employees enrolled in the Logan County Employee Health Plan to also cover their spouses if health insurance is available through the spouse’s employer.

Other Ohio counties, including Allen County, have in recent years implemented a similar policy.

Several other local employers, including Mary Rutan Hospital and Honda of America Mfg. have also enacted a spousal exclusion policy that has resulted in more single enrollments in the county plan, according to information supplied by Logan County Commissioners John Bayliss, Tony Core and Dustin Wickersham.

In 2011 and 2012, Logan County averaged 111 single enrollments, commissioners report. In 2013, single enrollments increased to an average 136. Estimated enrollment for 2014 indicates single enrollments will be 154, a 39 percent increase since 2012.

“We believe this increase in single enrollments is largely due to county employees (previously) enrolled in other employer health plans, (now) being forced to enroll in the county health plan,” because of spousal exclusion policies from other employers, according to the commissioners.

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