Howard back in jail

Just two days after he was arrested for multiple offenses, Cynyan Howard, 28, at large, was picked up on a warrant for contempt of court Wednesday and he faces additional charges.

Howard Cenyen


Detectives of the Bellefontaine Police Department spotted him around 8:30 a.m. driving a sport utility vehicle which stopped at 310 W. High Ave.

They detected an odor of burnt marijuana when they approached the vehicle.

The suspect handed them a small baggie of marijuana, and two partially consumed marijuana cigarettes and a scale with cocaine residue were recovered from the SUV.

Another baggie of marijuana was found on the suspect during booking at the Logan County Jail.

He has been charged with illegal conveyance of illegal drugs into a jail, possession of marijuana and possession of drug abuse instruments and cited for driving under suspension.

The vehicle owner, Kizswalia Sims, 30, of 228 Oakland Square, was later issued a citation for wrongfully entrusting a motor vehicle.

Monday, the defendant was charged with aggravated menacing, telecommunications harassment, domestic violence, intimidation of a victim, possession of marijuana, possession of cocaine and possession of drugs after a series of incidents Sunday and Monday.

He allegedly attacked Ms. Sims and her mother and then posted threatening messages on Facebook.

Tuesday, Bellefontaine Municipal Court Judge Ann Beck set bond at $15,000 which was later posted for the defendant on his behalf. He failed to show up for a follow up hearing Wednesday morning during which his bond was revoked and reset at $50,000.

He is scheduled to be back in court today.