Kelly keeps going with inflatable display

Fund established to help defray operational costs


Erick Lowe drills a piece of plastic pipe which will be used to help secure the massive inflatable reindeer that is peeking over his head. Property owner Rocky Kelly, with beard in the background, carries one of the fence posts which are used as anchors for the displays. (EXAMINER PHOTO | JOEL E. MAST)

It’s been eight years since Rocky Kelly put out a dozen or so inflatable Christmas decorations.

Each year he has added more figurines.

Now he has more than 300 in his pole barn, enough that he can vary his lawn display from year to year.

Last week with the help of his brother, Randy, nephews Austin Kelly and Erick Lowe, girlfriend Doris Fogle and others, he began setting up this year’s display with 175 pieces.

First up was the barbed wire, then the lights in the trees. The crew then began placing the figurines.

“You’ll have to excuse me,” Mr. Kelly said. “It’s a little haphazard this year. I’m making it up on the fly.”

He hoped to put more thought into this year after retiring from Honda. But he was asked back to consult, and he couldn’t refuse the monetary offer.

Around 2,000 hours is spent throughout the year repairing the inflatables and setting up the display, he estimates. And then there is the cost of electricity.

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