UPDATE: Man pleads guilty to thefts of guns, gaming console



A Bellefontaine man pleaded guilty Monday before Logan County Common Pleas Court Judge Mark S. O’Connor to a third-degree felony in connection with the theft of several items, including multiple firearms, from a Russells Point party.

Chanc D. Carter, 25, of Bellefontaine, pleaded guilty to grand theft, a third-degree felony. He and a girlfriend conspired to take several items including a gaming console, a Blue-Ray player and three rifles from a residence at 111 E. Elliott Road in Russells Point during a June pool party.

People at the pool party observed the defendant behaving strangely, according to Logan County prosecutors, frequently concealing items under his shirt and then disappearing for stretches at a time.

When he was questioned at one point by someone at the party, Mr. Carter told her he was hiding a bottle of alcohol he didn’t want to share with anyone, prosecutors said.

The defendant was teaming up with his girlfriend Aushele Sarver, 19, of Lakeview, to remove the items from the residence.

A day or two later, deputies from the Logan County Sheriff’s Office responded to the 13938 Blue Jacket Path, Lakeview, residence of Ms. Sarver’s father to investigate the thefts. They were granted permission to look around and readily identified several of the items, including the gaming console and Blue-Ray player, according to law enforcement reports.

The rifles were stashed beneath a mattress on which the defendant was found to be sleeping.

Prosecutors said Monday the couple had wanted to steal the items and sell them in order to start a life together.

Mr. Carter will be sentenced Dec. 30.

Ms. Sarver recently pleaded guilty to her part in the crime and was placed on the prosecutor’s pretrial diversion program.

In other court action:

• James Coyer, 36, Kenton, 60 days in Logan County Jail, five years’ community control, three years’ driver’s license suspension and ordered to pay a $1,350 fine, court costs and attorney fees for operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs;

• Tiffany McMann, 29, Lakeview, 30 days in Logan County Jail, three years’ community control and ordered to pay restitution, attorney fees and court costs for forgery; and

• Mica Hawkins, 43, Lakeview, five years’ community control, the probation incentive program, drug counseling and ordered to pay restitution, court costs and attorney fees for trafficking in drugs.

Kathy Puckett, 29, of Bellefontaine, pleaded no contest and was found guilty of burglary, and Justin Crawford, 27, of Bellefontaine, pleaded guilty to burglary and theft. Presentence investigations were ordered and sentencing is scheduled for Dec. 30.

 • Gary Doseck, 58, pleaded guilty Nov. 22 to trafficking in drugs and possession of drugs, and Christopher Mundy, 32, of Bellefontaine pleaded guilty to three counts of trafficking in drugs and one count of possession of drugs. Presentence investigations were ordered and sentencing is Dec. 30.