Colquitt: Ohio CSI solving regulatory missteps



Requiring Ohio’s agencies to consider early in the process the impact on business of rule changes has helped reduced new regulation, a state business advocate said during Tuesday’s legislative breakfast at Green Hills Community.

“We believe in a free-market, not a free-for-all market,” Todd Colquitt said. “If, by engaging business early in the rule-making process, we can find a cheaper way to implement change without compromising public safety, then that’s what we’re going to do.”

Mr. Colquitt works with Gov. John Kasich’s Common Sense Initiative. It is not part of state law and will continue regardless of who is governor.

He spoke at the breakfast, a Logan County Area Chamber of Commerce fall tradition started more than 30 years ago.

Prior to the initiative, state agencies, which are required to review rules every five years, could change or add regulations without input from the business community, Mr. Colquitt said.

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