Defendant imprisoned for fourth domestic violence



A Bellefontaine man with a propensity to drink and become violent was sentenced to prison Monday on a fourth charge of domestic violence

Jason Clevenger, 32, of Bellefontaine, was sentenced to a year in prison for domestic violence, a third-degree felony. He’s had three previous misdemeanor domestic violence convictions, making this a felony-level charge, according to Logan County prosecutors.

He pleaded no contest and was found guilty of the charge in October. According to prosecutors, the defendant spent most of May 22 drinking vodka and terrorizing his then-girlfriend and children in the home. He bit the woman’s lower lip and also reportedly broke a coffee table and pushed a five-year-old child.

Prosecutors also noted the defendant’s extensive criminal history, both as a juvenile and adult, which included numerous assault offenses.

“The defendant’s pattern has been to use violence to solve whatever is troubling him,” Chief Assistant Prosecutor Eric Stewart said.

Addressing the court, the defendant said he was serious this time about completing community control.

“I’ve had the programming before and it’s stuck with me,” he said.