The hunter

Officers have to be ready to go in alone


FRONT PAGE PHOTO: A role-playing Ohio State Highway Patrol officer, right, battles two local officers after they entered a room during a training exercise Saturday at Indian Lake High School. ABOVE: Two local officers proceed up a stairwell of the high school during the training. (EXAMINER PHOTOS | JOEL E. MAST)

Modern law enforcement requires officers to switch from peacemaker in a dispute to counselor for the grieving to enforcer with the unruly as part of their daily duties.

New training to deal with active shooters is adding another requirement — the hunter.

“You have to become the hunter,” Doug Bradley, a firearms instructor with the Ohio State Highway Patrol, told a group of 15 officers Saturday at Indian Lake High School. “You have to be aggressive. Society demands it now.”

Workplace, school and other public shooting rampages have forced agencies to change their response policies.

It used to be departments would instruct their officers to arrive on the scene and wait for backup. Once four were on scene or a special tactic team arrived, then they could go in. The number dropped to three then two.

Now, it is one.

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