WL-Salem elementary students send symbolic monarchs south

West Liberty-Salem elementary students are a few of more than 60,000 children across the United States, Canada and Mexico participating in a learning project that sees the migration habits of the monarch butterfly as a chance to foster cooperation and learn about a different part of the world.


Third-graders at West Liberty-Salem created butterfly-themed packets of information about our area to send to students in Mexico as part of a learning cooperative known as the Symbolic Migration Project. (PHOTO | WL-SALEM)

Each fall as monarch butterflies migrate south, American and Canadian students design butterfly-shaped packets filled with information about how children live in their parts of the world. Butterfly packets are mailed south to Mexico and received by partner schools.

At WL-Salem, Sally Engle’s third-grade art classes designed a packet of butterfly ambassadors to migrate south. Each home room created a butterfly folder complete with information about West Liberty and the area.

Folders were decorated as a group project by each class and included small butterflies to serve as gifts to the children in the classes in Mexico.

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