Shelby County drug task force nets 20-plus drug arrests

Shelby County drug investigators, in conjunction with state and federal law enforcement and officers of the Sidney Police Department arrested 23 Sidney and rural Shelby County residents Thursday relating to drug trafficking and possession.

A special session of the Shelby County Grand Jury met Thursday morning and indicted 49 individuals for various drug charges.

Drug task force officers and agents of the federal Drug Enforcement Administration and Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation met with Sidney police. They spread out afterward with arrest assignments to various locations in Sidney and rural Shelby County.

By 6 p.m., 23 of the 49 arrest warrants had been served. Law enforcement reports it will continue to search for the other 27 suspects.

Suspects taken into custody Thursday and remain lodged in Shelby County Jail today include:

• Larry B. Elliston, 40: four counts of trafficking and robbery;

• Shelly Pulfer, 40: three counts of trafficking;

• Michael Taylor, 28: three counts of trafficking;

• Moscoe Taylor, 27: four counts of trafficking in heroin and two counts of trafficking in cocaine;

• Kourtney Truax, 22: trafficking in drugs;

• James Powers Jr., 22: four counts of trafficking heroin;

• Mike Engle, 28: trafficking;

• Joey Lucas, 26: two counts of trafficking;

• Alex Moorman, 24: three counts of trafficking heroin;

• Gary Daniels, 33: three counts of permitting drug abuse;

• April Radcliff, 32: six counts of trafficking;

• Jason Kellem, 39: two counts of trafficking;

• Jason Hufford, 32: three counts of trafficking heroin;

• Phillip Lee, 29: three counts of trafficking cocaine and two counts of trafficking heroin;

• Nick Harris, 25: trafficking;

• Kendra Ellis, 19: trafficking;

• Anthony Houston, 47: attempted burglary and two counts of trafficking;

• Angela Browning, 37: probation violation;

• Ryan Nagel, 27: possession of criminal tools and four counts of trafficking;

• Michael Elliot, 39: attempted possession of drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia and four counts of trafficking; and

• Roger Gibson, 22: two counts of trafficking.