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3 school boards slate races

In contested school board races, voters in the Bellefontaine and Indian Lake school districts will select two candidates while voters in the West liberty-Salem school district will select three.

Candidates in those contested races were mailed a survey by the Bellefontaine Examiner staff and the responses of those who replied by the stated Sept. 30 deadline are printed as they were submitted.

Candidates also were asked to submit photos or have their photographs taken in the Examiner office, and photos accompany those who complied.

Bellefontaine City School Board



Craig Fultz

Position sought: Bellefontaine City School Board

Age: 32

Current Occupation: Human Resources

Previous Political Experience: Not previously involved politically

What are the primary issues in your jurisdiction? With the addition of two new schools and the repurposing of a third, the effects of change will need to be gathered, analyzed and addressed appropriately over the next several years. Communication of this activity will be necessary for the entire community to embrace the changes; helping to ensure that the needs of our students, teachers, and citizens are met.

Why are you seeking office? I strive to make a difference in organizations in which I am involved. I am connected with Bellefontaine City Schools as a citizen, volunteer, husband, friend and soon as a father. My professional traits, perspectives and experiences will help me make a positive impact as a member of the BCS Board of Education.

What makes you the best candidate? I have more than 10 years of Human Resources experience at Honda of America Mfg, Inc. I keep an open mind and seek to understand the positions of all individuals. Having aspired to be a school board member since attending Bellefontaine High School, I hope to be given the opportunity to utilize my HR knowledge, representing our district for years to come.



Anne Marie Reames (I)

Position sought: Bellefontaine City Schools Board of Education

Age: 63

Current occupation: Parish House Administrator/Pastoral Assistant

Previous political experience: St. Patrick Church, elected to Board of Education in 1988 for Bellefontaine City Schools.

What are the primary issues in your jurisdiction? School funding has been challenging with the loss of the tangible property taxes. Unfunded mandates have been of concern, like everywhere the rising cost of healthcare for our district employees, along with the high levels of poverty among our families. Our school continually has been supported by our Bellefontaine Community. Education remains valuable to all of us.

Why are you seeking office? I have a passion for education and support being a lifelong learner. My mother was unable to graduate during the wartime, but she and my father made sure all six of us graduated and had an opportunity for higher education if we wanted it. I support the Bellefontaine City Schools Mission Statement of “Equal Access to a Quality Education.” Minimally, children need a high school diploma. Along those same lines, any adult without their high school diploma has an opportunity to obtain their GED. It’s never too late. Education enriches a community.

What makes you the best candidate? Our student population is diverse, thus their needs are diverse. Curriculum offerings should meet these needs whether a child is gifted, developmentally disabled, or on a career technical pathway. Being a board member for 25 years, we have worked as a team to meet the educational needs of all children. I understand school funding, curriculum, the need for quality teaches and excellence in leadership. We have that at Bellefontaine City along with quality support staff and offer many choices of activities and extracurricular opportunities. I have been a part of a team that is fiscally responsible, maintains their buildings, provide for safety, enriching lives and providing bright futures.



Joshua M. Stolly

Position: Bellefontaine City School Board

Age: 33

Occupation: Attorney at Thompson, Dunlap & Heydinger, Ltd. (Bellefontaine)

Previous political experience: None.

What are the primary issues in your jurisdiction? The current and most critical issue upon the school board is selecting our next Superintendent. Beth Harman has been a great leader for our schools and community which means her replacement has a large void to fill. I look forward to actively participating in the selection of our next Superintendent. A second issue entails the continued advancement of the student curriculum to give our youth the best opportunity to achieve success in higher education and the modern workplace.

Why are you seeking office? With three young children, the first of whom will be attending Bellefontaine City Schools in the fall of 2014, I have a vested interest in our schools. I grew up on Columbus Ave. and graduated from BHS in 1998. After more than ten years of being away, I moved back to Bellefontaine to raise my children. I believe in our schools, I believe in our teachers and I believe in our community.

What makes you the best candidate? The school board’s role is to establish policies for the Superintendent to carry out. My profession requires me to identify the root issues impacting my clients’ lives and to provide solutions, whether in a complex business transaction or a child custody dispute. My ability to analyze and solve problems, together with my leadership and energy, make me an ideal candidate to establish the policies which guide our schools.

No other candidates are in this race.

Indian Lake



Mark Albright

Position sought: Indian Lake School Board

Age: 47

Current occupation: AcuSport Corporation — Electronic Business Manager

Previous political experience: President of YMCA Board of Trustees, President of Logan County Heart Association, President of Huntsville Summer Ball Association, member of Russells Point Village Council.

What are the primary issues in your jurisdiction? Finances — Funding continues to be a problem for districts across the state, Indian Lake is no exception. The school system will need to continue finding innovative ways to balance an ever tightening budget while still providing a high level of service to district residents. Community Input — I view the school system as a business and district residents as customers of the business. Like any successful business, it is important to give the customer a voice and use their feedback to guide the organization. Accountability — Everyone in the district, from students to school board members, has a role and responsibility. It is important that everyone understands their role and contributes at expected levels.

Why are you seeking office? As a life-long resident of the district and graduate of ILHS, I want to see the school system prosper. I feel my time spent as President of several Board of Trustees including the YMCA, Logan County Heart Association and the Huntsville Summer Ball Association combined with my extensive business experience has given me the leadership abilities to help the school be successful now and into the future.

What makes you the best candidate? Board experience, I know what it takes to be an effective board member from my work on previous boards. Work experience, I bring business knowledge in the fields of marketing and technology to the board that complements the expertise of existing members. Dedication, I support the district in several ways including extensive work maintaining my website ( that I founded to celebrate Indian Lake sports programs.



Tyler J. Reasor

Position sought: Indian Lake Board of Education

Age: 20

Current Occupation: Intern

Previous political experience: Ran for the Indian Lake Board of Education in 2011.

What are the primary issues in your jurisdiction? Right now Indian Lake along with many other school districts are facing a great deal of trouble financially. Indian Lake is getting seeing a shortage of state funding which has affected faculty and students in and out of the classroom. Our school district needs to focus on the security of our students. The administration has put in new security features but we can’t let these new policies slide or disappear. If elected to the Board of Education I will work with the Superintendent and my fellow Board members so we can resolve these issues without hurting the students or tax payers. The students’ experience in school is a once in a lifetime experience and I want them to enjoy it as much as possible, like I did.

Why are you seeking office? I am seeking office for the Indian Lake Board of Education because I want to make the Indian Lake School District the best place for children to get a great education with which they can use to get into the professions they want while loving the school they graduated from. I want to help the residents of Indian Lake School District by giving their children the best and safest education possible without hurting them financially.

What makes you the best candidate? Being a young candidate I know how the current school system operates and what improvements need to be recommended. I am attending school at James A. Rhodes State College in Lima where I am majoring in Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice. With my college education I can bring new ideas to the Board. I have always been involved in the school district knowing what improvements need to be made and what we need to focus more on. Electing a younger person to the board will bring in new ideas, especially ideas to improve our security in our school buildings. I will make common sense decisions, and will work for the tax payers. My goal is to keep our students safe and get them an excellent education.



Mark E. Wahl (I)

Position sought: Indian Lake School Board

Age: 50

Current occupation: Teacher

Previous political experience: Four years on Indian Lake Board.

What are the primary issues in your jurisdiction? School funding and changes being made by the state of Ohio.

Why are you seeking office? To continue the progress we have made within the district. To finish what I started in regards to strengthening the district through building alliances.

What makes you the best candidate? Experience, working knowledge of education. My experience has taught me the “true role” of a board member, which is to hire the superintendent and make board policy.Candidate Kim Harford-Boswell (I) returned her questionnaire after the deadline.

West Liberty-Salem



Patrick Adams

Position sought: West Liberty-Salem School Board

Age: 43

Current occupation: Marketing Manager, Reliant Mechanical Inc.

Previous political experience: None

What are the primary issues in your jurisdiction? We recently passed our levy to improve and expand the K-12 campus on U.S. 68 South of West Liberty. Community members want to see the tax dollars being spent wisely.

Why are you seeking office? I would like to serve the WL-S community in a greater capacity. I want to ensure that WL-S maintains and builds upon the excellent rating already established. I graduated from WL-S in 1988. My oldest son, now at Malone University, graduated last year. I have three kids currently enrolled.

What makes you the best candidate? All the candidates are worthy and capable. I believe my experience working on the architect selection committee, and as co-chairman of our levy campaign (working with existing board members and our superintendent), ensure I will maintain accountability and fiscal responsibility.

Chuck Buck (I)

Position sought: West Liberty-Salem Board of Education

Age: 64

Current occupation: Retired

Previous political experience: Two terms as Harrison Township trustee, Champaign County, one term on WL-S Board of Education.

What are the primary issues in your jurisdiction? Main issue is the building project. The district shareholders are concerned about where and how their money is going to be spent and on what. I share those concerns with everyone else.

Why are you seeking office? I am seeking re-election on the WL-S School board because I have no children in school, only nieces and a nephew. I have no family, like my spouse or children who work for the school. This allows me to act on every issue. This is very important for any person who is representing the public on a governing board. WL-S Board of Education is one or those governing boards.

What makes you the best candidate? I don’t believe there is a best candidate, only the right candidate at the time. I believe every candidate is the right one at the right time. I’m the right candidate for this time, because of my life experiences, along with my four years previous experience on WL-S BOE.



Stephen Lapp (I)

Position sought: West Liberty-Salem Board of Education

Age: 63

Current occupation: Farmer

Previous political experience: Current board member, previously served on Ohio Hi-Point Board.

What are the primary issues in your jurisdiction? Maintain academic excellence amid changing standards. Offer students and staff a safe and nurturing environment and use resources wisely.

Why are you seeking office? To keep WLS school district as a place where people want to live. To offer experience and vision in the operation of a school district.

What makes you the best candidate? I offer the foundation of a long term perspective on the board.

Also running in this race are Hal Ackley and Kent Eichenauer (I).