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The Nov. 5 general election will feature numerous local races for village council members, township trustees and school boards.

In the villages, voters will be asked to approve four council members, but only two of Logan County’s municipalities — Belle Center and Russells Point — have contested races.

Candidates in those contested races were mailed a survey by the Bellefontaine Examiner staff and the responses of those who replied by the stated Sept. 30 deadline are printed as they were submitted.

Candidates also were asked to submit photos or have their photographs taken in the Examiner office, and photos accompany those who complied.

2 villages have contested races for council seats

Belle Center



Garnet Roebuck (I)

Position sought: Belle Center Council

Age: 71

Current occupation: Retired

Previous political experience: Council

What are the primary issues in your jurisdiction? Right now the main issue is the water tower that was put in around 1939 is going to need replaced before too long and that’s my main concern right now.

Why are you seeking office? I have lived in this town all of my 71 years. I am also on a fixed income like a lot of other people, but I will do whatever it takes to keep our town in good shape, so we must all work together to make this happen.

What makes you the best candidate? I think I am the best candidate because I’d like to think that I am a good and honest person and I only want what is best for our town. Belle Center is a wonderful town to live in and I will always be thankful for what I have here.

Also running in this race are Dione Campbel (I), Sarah A. Carnes, Jon Duke, Lynn M. Dysert and Dustin W. Plikerd (I).

Russells Point

Greg Iiams

Position sought: Russells Point Village Council

Age: 66

Current occupation: Corporate controller

Previous political experience: Two years Board of Public Affairs, 1 1/2 years village council, 8 1/2 years mayor.

What are the primary issues in your jurisdiction? Exceeding budgets. Not listening to all of the constituents. Trying to push projects that are beyond the capabilities of the village. Dwelling on the past and not looking at the future of the area not just the village. Not protecting the assets of the village and protecting the village from liabilities.

Why are you seeking office? To keep local government moving based upon current laws and not trying to reinvent the wheel.

What makes you the best candidate? 12 years of experience.



Joan Maxwell  (I)

Position sought: Russells Point Village Council

Age: 63

Occupation: Retired teacher — Indian Lake local School District

Previous political experience: Appointed to Russells Point Council in 2010

What are the primary issues in your jurisdiction? As village residents and their families struggle to attain financial stability, feed their families, raise their children in loving, functional homes, care for aging parents, partake in leisure activities and enjoy a fulfilling and rewarding life style, issues of safety, service and security in the village play a crucial part in villagers attaining these goals.

Like most cities, towns and villages which have limited funding , local governing bodies are being challenged to make fiscally responsible decisions while providing essential services and opportunities for residents. I think the biggest issue in Russells Point is how to accomplish all of this with available, albeit limited, funding.

Why are you seeking office and what makes you the best candidate? It’s imperative that those in leadership positions are passionate about the future of the village. Two very knowledgeable and proactive members are retiring from council this year leaving big shoes to fill. Filling a seat on Russells Point Council requires people who are capable of listening carefully, researching issues that come before council, initiating actions, thinking creatively, following through on their responsibilities, and making fair decisions based upon their ability to see the big picture while paying particular attention to the small details. I proud myself on missing only one meeting in almost 4 years on council, being responsible, well organized and informed, honest, impartial and capable of working cooperatively with others in the best interest of the entire village.

The previous administration worked very diligently to get Russells Point out of fiscal emergency a few years ago and to a place where the village is now financially stable and better able to provide residents with essential services to help make their lives easier and safer. Recent storms and flooding have created opportunities for Council to “think outside the box” by staging collection sites for downed trees and debris, to provide spring and fall trash drop offs at the municipal building and to initiate and coordinate the Indian Lake Great Miami River Open Space Project which will help to alleviate flooding issues and create a family friendly recreation area for residents. Parks are not only being maintained but improvements are being made. Leppich baseball field is being renovated to bring league play back to the Point. Cell tower communications are being improved. Streets are being maintained with snow and ice removal a top priority. Police protection is evidenced in the statistics recently released by the department. Their work through safety town and bike rodeos are educating our children in safety issues. Every part of the village administration continues to look for opportunities to bring capital and investments into the village. Many grants have been procured through their diligence and hard work. I wish to continue to serve Russells Point as councilwoman and work to advance the positive steps that have been taken in recent years.

Also running in this race are John Huffman, Kelly Strauser Huffman, Tom LaDow and Steve Zirkle.