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Honda earns high marks in CDP report


TORRANCE, Calif. — Honda has earned one of the highest disclosure scores among all global companies in the CDP Global 500 Climate Change Report 2013, which analyzes the initiatives of the world’s 500 largest companies in addressing countermeasures against global warming and disclosing information regarding greenhouse gas emissions.

As a result of receiving a high evaluation for both the progress made through its initiatives and the content of its disclosure, the report named Honda one of the world’s top 12 most advanced companies.

For the 2013 report, Honda disclosed global estimates of all of its GHG emissions, including emissions from the procurement of raw materials to production and sales, and from customer use all the way to the end-of-life treatment of Honda products, in conformity with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Honda became the world’s first company to disclose all Scope 33 GHG emissions.

For the third consecutive year, Honda was listed as one of only 60 companies in the CDP’s Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index, which features the world’s most advanced companies in the area of global climate change disclosures.

Honda was also named as one of only 56 companies in the Carbon Performance Leadership Index, which the company’s actual performance in initiatives to address climate change.

CDP is a non-profit organization that was established in 2000 in the United Kingdom and is currently being operated with support from the governments of European countries and the U.S. as well as investors from all around the world.

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