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Pool lodged on multiple charges

Pool Gary


A man who reportedly attacked an emergency room nurse and threatened to kill hospital staff and law enforcement officers was arrested on multiple charges following a Thursday incident at Mary Rutan Hospital.

Gary Pool, 57, of 901 N. Main St., was charged with assault, two counts of aggravated menacing, persistent disorderly conduct and misuse of the 911 system. Officers of the Bellefontaine Police Department responded to Mary Rutan Hospital about 7:30 p.m. on a report of a man who was acting belligerent with hospital employees.

A Bellefontaine squad had transported the suspect to the hospital on a report he was having a seizure. ER staff determined the man was just heavily intoxicated. Upon their arrival, police found three hospital employees holding the man down on a gurney as he argued and bit and pinched at them.

Staff also reported the suspect was continually dialing 911 from his cellular phone, and demanding a shot of  morphine. When staff tried to take his phone the suspect became further enraged.

As police placed the suspect in handcuffs and led him from the hospital, Mr. Pool reportedly threatened to kill staff and officers. He was lodged in Logan County Jail.

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