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State adds flashing school zone sign

Washington Township Police Chief Rick Core reports that flashing school zone speed limit signs have been installed along State Route 274 at the Indian Lake High School just in time for students’ return to classes today.


Motorists now are warned of lowered school zone speed limits with new signage along State Route 274 at Indian Lake High School. (EXAMINER PHOTO | RICK PITTS)

“Our district received some help from the Ohio Department of Transportation by installing flashing school zone speed limit signs on State Route 274 adjacent to the access routes to and from the student parking lot,” Chief Core said.

“These lights will help in traffic control on 274. Prior to this year there were no such traffic control devices in place. There have been flashing school zone speed limit signs on State Route 235 for years and they really do help motorists know when the restricted times are for the school zone 20 mph speed limit.

“Please be mindful that there will be increased traffic around all our school areas. Allow yourself the extra time needed to navigate through these areas safely,” he cautioned.

The Washington Township Police Department will be patrolling the Indian Lake School campus to ensure safe travel to and from the school.

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