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Home invasion investigated


Deputies from the Logan County Sheriff’s Office still are searching for a man suspected of breaking into a Lakeview residence and striking a teenage girl in the face Sunday afternoon.

Deputies were dispatched to 11539 Big Bear Path, Lakeview, about 4 p.m. on a report of a home invasion.

A 14 year old resident of that address reported her sister had just left for work and she was expecting her mother home any time when she heard a loud noise coming from downstairs.

Upon going downstairs to investigate, the girl told law enforcement she was confronted in the kitchen by a white male whom she did not recognize. She reached for a kitchen knife and the suspect struck her in the eye and fled the residence.

The girl locked herself in the bathroom and called her mother and grandmother, who called 911, according to reports. She couldn’t say whether the suspect fled by foot or vehicle.

Upon arrival, deputies observed the girl’s eye was red and swollen. She had also sustained a shallow cut to her arm, where the knife may have caught her. Entry was made through the front door, deputies suspect. They found an overturned living room side table and a broken vase on the floor.

The suspect is a white male, believed to be about 6 feet tall. He was wearing a gray shirt and dirty blue jeans.

Anyone with information may contact the sheriff’s office, 592-5731.

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