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Large pot farm raided in Union County

UNION COUNTY — An estimated $560,000 in marijuana was seized Tuesday evening in a joint investigation led by local law enforcement agencies.

The Union County Multi-Agency Drug Enforcement (M.A.D.E.) Task Force reported this morning that just after 6 p.m. Tuesday its members seized 564 marijuana plants in a raid of a “sophisticated” growing operation found at a farm on Fladt Road in Darby Township, north of Unionville Center.


Authorities confiscated some 564 marijuana plants worth an estimated $560,000 Tuesday evening at a farm located at Fladt Road north of Unionville Center in Union County. PHOTO | UNION COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE

“At maturity, the estimated value of the plants seized would be approximately $560,000,” an agency media released states.

Law enforcement officers reportedly executed the search warrant at 14950 Fladt Road, which matches the address of Wayward Seed Farms, a Marysville-based organic farm.

“There was evidence of a business operating at that location,” Lt. Jeff Frisch said, who organized the raid.

However, he said, details on who owns the property and any suspects involved are not being released pending the investigation.

In addition to marijuana plants, task force members seized several guns and marijuana growing equipment. The plants were being cultivated and grown outside the residence.

“This was a rather large and sophisticated growing operation. With the size of this operation, it is apparent that the owners have some knowledge of horticulture and hydroponics,” Union County Sheriff Jamie Patton said.

The M.A.D.E. task force, made up of members of the Marysville Division of Police, the Union County Prosecutor’s Office, and the Union County Sheriff’s Office, continues its efforts to disrupt drug trafficking within Union County. The case remains under investigation, but will be presented to a Union County Grand Jury in the near future.

“Residents, especially those that live near farmland are reminded to be alert this time of year for marijuana plants that may be growing along waterways, streams, or in agricultural fields,” the media release states.

To report any suspicious activity, suspected marijuana plants, or growing operations call the Crime Tip Line at (937)-642-7653.


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