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Drug trafficking charges filed after incident outside bar

Danyale E. Piersoll, 35, of Springfield, was charged with trafficking in drugs, possession of cocaine, felony assault and disorderly conduct early Friday morning after an incident in the city.

Piersoll D


Wilson A


A deputy of the Logan County Sheriff’s Office was driving in the 200 block of west Columbus Avenue about 12:20 a.m. when he heard male and female voices shouting in the distance.

A man and three women then were observed standing by Moore’s Cafe, 111 S. Detroit St., beside a parked car. The deputy observed the man push or shove one of the women onto the pavement.

When the deputy activated the cruiser’s emergency lights, the man then began to walk in the other direction and placed his hand into his pocket.

The suspect, identified as Mr. Piersoll, was placed under arrest, and a cell phone was found in his hand.

Then one of the women, Amy L. Wilson, 43, of 1101 W. Columbus Ave., Apt. A., Bellefontaine, started to become combative. She grabbed Mr. Piersoll’s wallet from the deputy and refused to move aside while the deputy talked to Mr. Piersoll.

Another deputy and two Bellefontaine Police officers then arrived at the scene to assist.

During a search of Mr. Piersoll’s person, two additional cell phones were found, along with a baggie containing eight rocks of crack cocaine. His wallet also contained more than $700 in cash, deputies said.

Mr. Piersoll and Ms. Wilson were transported to the Logan County Jail. She was charged with tampering with evidence, obstructing official business and resisting arrest.


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