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Local candidates to square off in November


Voters in two villages, nine townships and three school districts will decide a slate of local races in the Nov. 5 general election.

Candidates in local, nonpartisan races were required to file petitions by Wednesday and the Logan County Election Board met this morning to certify those candidates.

In Belle Center where friction between the mayor and village council has stirred news in the village, three citizens have stepped forward to challenge three incumbents for four available seats. Current Council President Rick Bednarki is not seeking re-election.

Similarly in Russells Point, six candidates, including two   incumbents, have filed to run for council seats.

Probably the biggest race among the townships is in Jefferson, where four candidates have filed for two trustee seats, and four candidates have filed to fill an unexpired clerk’s term.

In Perry Township, five candidates have filed to run for the two trustee seats.

Other townships with races for the two seats that are up for grabs are: Harrison, Richland, Rushcreek, Stokes, Union, Washington and Zane.

On the schools side four candidates have filed for two open seats on the Indian Lake School Board, while three have filed for two seats on the Bellefontaine City School Board. At West Liberty-Salem, five candidates will vie for three open seats.

Here is a complete list of the candidates.

Townships (2 positions)

Bloomfield — Kelly R. Copeland (I), 12070 County Road 60, Lewistown; and Kyle Knief (I), 10532 County Road 13, Lewistown.

Bokescreek — Todd Elliott (I), 4730 County Road 124, West Mansfield, and James Rice (I), 1630 Township Road 131, West Mansfield.

Harrison — Joseph Brenner, 295 N. Township Road 45; Darin Collins, 1078 Township Road 204; David Jackson (I); 1818 S. Township Road 46; and Miles Pickering, 2165 County Road 11.

Jefferson — Scott Armentrout (I), 5246 County Road 153, Zanesfield; Anthony Bernard, 650 Township Road 135; Donald Rea King, 5467 State Route 540; and Gary Lockwood, 7476 County Road 2, Zanesfield. Unexpired clerk term: Heather Clapsaddle, 2851 Sandusky St., Zanesfield; Tony Fink, 4285 County Road 10, Zanesfield; Debbie K. Horney, 4648 County Road 10, Zanesfield; and Patricia M. Nelson (I), 2167 W. Carriage Hill Drive.

Lake — William Nichols, 33 W. Township Road 219; and Peter Stolly (I), 1250 Omaha Road.

Liberty — Philip A. Brandt (I), 6796 County Road 14, West Liberty; and Richard McDaniel (I); 985 Township Road 193, West Liberty.

McArthur — Robert Ammons (I), 4824 Sharon St., Huntsville; and G. Russell Hurley (I), 6203 Township Road 199, Huntsville.

Miami — Carl Dammeyer (I), 8903 State Route 235, Quincy; and Ron Furrow (I), 2290 S. County Road 34, Quincy.

Monroe — Donald Bradley (I), 3421 Township Road 165, West Liberty; and Keith LeVan (I), 2052 E. Township Road 190.

Perry — Merle Ackley (I), 8965 County Road 10, Zanesfield; William H. Brown Jr., 11402 County Road 10, East Liberty; Terry Cook, 4142 County Road 152, East Liberty; Joshua LeVan, 3312 S. Main St., East Liberty; and Jeff Rosebrook (I), 1158 County Road 142, East Liberty.

Pleasant — Victor Klingelhofer (I), 1387 N. County Road 34, DeGraff; and Jeffrey L. Schindewolf (I), 1139 S. County Road 24, DeGraff.

Richland — Phil Alloway, 9483 County Road 254, Belle Center; Teresa A. Johnston, 410 E. Buckeye St., Belle Center; John William Jordan, 8338 County Road 49, Belle Center; David Miracle (I), 8876 Township Road 107, Belle Center.

Rushcreek — Ted W. Case, 6288 County Road 20, West Mansfield; Mike Hamilton, 128 Euclid St., Rushsylvania; and Robert M. Schrader, 3538 E. State Route 273, Rushsylvania.

Stokes — Lanny Davis (I) 12594 County Road 54, Lewistown; Tim Hart, 10594 Buckeye Drive, Huntsville; Robert A. Lehman, 8826 King Road, Lakeview; and Dennis Wischmeyer (I), 14050 County Road 87, Lakeview.

Union — Mike Altstaetter, 3644 Township Road 45; Rob Kauffman (I), 5404 County Road 18; and David King (I), 3594 W. Township Road 30.

Washington — James F. Hurley (I), 7636 Township Road 213, Lewistown; Don Lewis, 8237 County Road 54, Lewistown; Melissa S. Miller, 7102 Hardin Drive, Russells Point; Robert Reames, 537 Miami Ave., Russells Point; and John Stemble (I), 6809 County Road 91, Lewistown.

Zane — Jason Blackburn (I), 8715 State Route 287, West Liberty; Robert Fraker, 7208 State Route 559, Zanesfield; Doug Henry, 7162 County Road 277, East Liberty; and William Lithgo, 9540 N. State Route 559, North Lewisburg.

Villages (4 positions)

Belle Center — Dione Campbell (I), 206 W. Vine St.; Sarah A. Carnes, 509 N. State St.; Jon Duke, 508 N. State St.; Lynn M. Dysert, 401 E. Main St.; Dustin W. Plikerd (I), 320 E. Main St.; and Garnet Roebuck (I), 408 N. Center St.

DeGraff — Jenny LeClair (I), 212 N. Main St.; and Sue Walls (I), 205 N. Main St.

Huntsville — Jean Cotterman, 6480 Findlay St.; Lori Fisher (I), 4817 Vine St.; and Monica Yelton (I), 6432 Fruit St.

Lakeview — Terry Brentlinger (I), 145 N. Main St.; Molly Cook (I), 200 Bass Lane; and Frank Dietz (I), 670 W. Lake St.

Quincy — Robert Ward (I), 105 Foster St.

Rushsylvania — Darrel Bradford (I), 137 N. Miami St.; Tim Rader (I), 126 N. Stewart St.; Patricia K. Wilson (I), 137 Railroad St.; and Heather Wright, 276 S. Sandusky St. Board of Public Affairs: Jessica Crum (I), 116 S. Stewart St.

Russells Point — Council: John Huffman (I), 613 High Ave.; Kelly Strauser Huffman, 618 High Ave.; Greg Iiams, 211 Clermont Ave.; Tom LaDow, 125 Holly Lane; and Joan Maxwell (I), 248 E. Wilgus St. Board of Public Affairs: Patsy Cochenour (I), 347 Westview Ave.

Valley Hi (1 position) — no candidates

West Liberty — Brenda Coy (I), 850 Runkle St.; Jay R. King, 202 W. Columbus St.; Larry Lance (I), 217 Fuson St.; and Jill McKelvey (I), 200 Leonard St.

West Mansfield — Derrick Detrick, 292 N. Main St.; Bethanie Musser, 327 S. Main St.; and Libby Wykstra, 443 E. Center St.

Zanesfield — Michael E. Failor (I), 4889 Columbus St.; Roland E. Fout (I), 4760 Columbus St.; and Mollie Johns (I), 3042 Water St.

School boards

Logan County Educational Service Center (3 positions) — David H. Campbell (I), 10121 Township Road 59, DeGraff; Joe McKirahan (I), 17594 Township Road 95, Kenton; and Steven M. Needles (I), 8655 State Route 117, Huntsville.

Bellefontaine City (2 positions) — Craig Fultz, 804 Brookwood Drive; Anne Reames (I), 546 S. Madriver St.; and Joshua Stolly, 1266 Dakota Road.

Benjamin Logan (3 positions) — William N. Ramsey (I), 3607 County Road 1; Keith Stoner (I), 7570 County Road 49, Belle Center; and David S. Willoby, 1883 E. State Route 274, Rushsylvania.

Indian Lake (2 positions) — Mark Albright, 3778 Shawnee Drive, Huntsville; Kim Boswell (I), 6850 Watercraft Drive, Huntsville; Tyler J. Reasor, 5132 County Road 49, Huntsville; and Mark Wahl (I), 3261 N. County Road 31, Huntsville.

Riverside (3 positions) — Donald E. Klingler (I), 1174 S. County Road 24, DeGraff; and Greg Krisher (I), 745 N. County Road 24, DeGraff.

West Liberty-Salem (3 positions) — Hal Ackley, 9250 Township Road 169, West Liberty; Patrick Adams, 6466 Ludlow Road, Cable; Chuck Buck (I), 7922 Hite Road, West Liberty; Kent Eichenauer (I), 4096 Ridge Road, Urbana; and Stephen Lapp (I), 7713 McClain Road, West Liberty.

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