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Russells Point Council: Temporary cell tower placement approved

The Russells Point Village Council voted Monday night to approve an ordinance authorizing Mayor Robin Reames to enter into a site access agreement with Verizon Wireless during a meeting in council chambers at the Municipal Building.

The ordinance stems from an ongoing effort from Sgt. Ryan Furlong of the Logan County Sheriff’s Office and Russells Point Police Chief Joe Freyhof working with Verizon to place a tower to help in emergency situations.

“The sheriff’s office and the police department rely on Verizon, and it’s a problem when we are continuously dropping 911 calls,” said Sgt. Furlong.

Sgt. Furlong also explained that the sheriff officer’s computers pick up no signals in Lakeview or Russells Point. The main purpose of the temporary tower is to assist first responders in the county with problems like dropped calls and other safety issues, making it easier for them to respond quickly and efficiently. The tower will also improve service for residents in the area with Verizon.

The tower will be built on the property where the municipal building sits in Russells Point.

As soon as the administrative paperwork has been taken care of and the soil samples have been collected, the tower would most likely be completed in the following four to six weeks. The tower is not expected to be completed until the tail end of the season at Indian Lake.

The temporary tower will serve the community until a permanent tower can be built. According to Mike Hennon, an agent for Verizon, an area has already been scouted along Elliott Road near the water treatment plant to build the permanent tower. There is already an existing tower used by the sheriff’s office and police at the site, but has been deemed unusable and will be torn down after the new permanent tower is built. The permanent tower is not expected for at least 14 to 16 months.

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