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UPDATE: Village sustains extensive storm damage

Russells Point village officials began communicating today with the Logan County Emergency Management Agency about the possibility of declaring an emergency in the wake of Wednesday’s strong storms.

Mayor Robin Reames said by telephone this morning she’s spoken with EMA director Helen Norris about declaring a state of emergency in Russells Point. Logan County Commissioners were being briefed on the situation, Mrs. Reames said.

tree-clean up

There were no reports of injuries, or substantial flooding, the mayor said, but the storm caused a good bit of damage throughout the village.

A streetlight was knocked over in the 600 block of Lake Street, the mayor said, adding that residents are being asked to avoid that area until Miami Valley Lighting crews could clean up.

Another streetlight was reportedly knocked down on White Oaks Court.

About 12 people are still without power as a result of fallen power lines, knocked down by wind or debris.   

Dayton Power and Light Co. was reporting 75 people in Logan County were still without power this morning.

Russells Point Police Chief Joe Freyhof released a statement just before midnight regarding “significant” damages caused by Wednesday’s storm, reporting several homes without power and many power lines torn completely off homes.

“We are asking residents to exercise caution when checking or cleaning their property as downed lines may become energized as power is restored.

“Additionally,” he said, “Many trees are still lying across power lines and other utilities,” and others remain unsteady and unpredictable as to if and when they will completely fall.

He said a brief damage survey found a dozen or more large trees uprooted or broken. Those trees collectively damaged outbuildings, garages, and at least three homes.

Chief Freyhof said primary power lines and a gas leak caused by downed trees forced the closure of Orchard Island Road at Beatley’s Mobile Home Park for more than an hour.

“This closure stopped cars from coming or going from Orchard Island.

“The 200 block of Grand Avenue was also closed for a period of time as primary power lines were torn down by multiple downed trees. Many roadways south of Elliott Road were completely blocked until roughly 9 p.m., but all roads are now open.

“We are watching Sunnyside Avenue and Elliot Road for potential flooding as water has already covered the roadway.”

tree snap

At least three trees along Warden Street in Russells Point were felled by heavy winds Wednesday afternoon.

low-bob storm

A large tree blocked Sunnyside Avenue at U.S. Route 33 after heavy winds ripped through Russells Point.

pontoon 2

ABOVE/BELOW: Boats and recreational vehicles stored at Pontoon Man Storage, 11650 County Road 87, Lakeview, were exposed and damaged when a storm packing intense straight line winds tore threw the facility Wednesday afternoon, ripping metal roofing and snapping heavy beams like toothpicks.


tree-bucket truck

Crews worked to replace a transformer and remove a tree from the roadway on State Route 708 east of the State Route 235 intersection after heavy winds blew through Logan County mid-afternoon Wednesday.

rp tree across

An uprooted tree blocked White Oaks Court ( a cul-de-sac off State Route 708) in Russells Point. (EXAMINER PHOTOS/RICK PITTS)


A view of storm clouds over Lakeview just as the storm started. (PHOTO SUBMITTED/AMY STEVENS)


This ominous view of the sky was captured Wednesday along State Route 47 west of Bellefontaine.


Members of the Indian Joint Fire District and Russells Point Police Chief Joe Freyhof helped remove tree debris from the backyard of Greg and Jackie Sell's Grand Avenue property. (PHOTO SUBMITTED/JACKIE SELL)


Wednesday's strong winds tipped a pole located south of Lakeview. (PHOTO SUBMITTED/SHEILA MILLER)




















































































































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