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Newcomers renew hope for dog show

With 18 beginner novice dog show contestants registered for the obedience portion of the Logan County 4-H Dog Show, organizers have new hope for the program in the coming years.


Beginner Novice A: ELLIE YOUNG AND BRI


Beginner Novice B: RUTH BOY AND PEARL

Director Diana Kenne was pleased to see so many new faces and has high hopes for the newbies’ return next year.

“We offer training classes every Saturday, April through June, and are available to offer assistance all year by calling Mrs. Kenne at the Humane Society Serving Logan County, 593-4277.

Judge Kerry Greer of Mansfield was very relaxed with kids new to the program and gave in-depth suggestions and had extra time for the beginner group, offering techniques to calm the nerves of both the handlers and the dogs.

“I want you all to know that all of you, every one of you did a super job,” she said as the competition concluded. “I saw (it) in all of you.





“This is what beginner dogs look like. They have issues. Don’t get discouraged. I want to see all of you come back next year.”

Taking the top spot in the beginner group was Ellie Young of Bellefontaine and her 5-year-old Belgian shepherd, Bri. Emily Roth and Dyna were second and Lincoln Howell and Sniffer took third place.

Ruth Boy of Bellefontaine and her 7-year-old Weimaraner earned first place in the beginner novice B group, with Jessica Hillery and Peako in second.

Repeat winner J.C. Patton of Belle Center and his 6-year-old doberman, Benny took first place in the pre-novice division, followed in second by Anastasia Haywood and Leo.

Molly Harshbarger also repeated a previous win in the novice A group with her 5-year-old beagle/sheltie mix, Princess.

Ellie, Ruth and J.C. were representing Whatever 4-H Club and Molly is a member of the Mac-O-Chee Mustangs.




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