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Girls clean up in Junior Fair swine show

Girls took center stage Tuesday in Junior Fair swine show competition inside the show arena at the Logan County Fair.

Fair-grand-barrow-Ryan-BeaschlerGrand champion market barrow
Ryan Beaschler

Fair-gilt-grandchamp-Ashton-FalerGrand champion market gilt
Ashton Faler

fair-market-reserve-Lexi-StewartReserve grand champion market barrow
Lexi Stewart

Fair-giltreserve-Coy-KnottsReserve grand champion market gilt
Coy Knotts

A trio of girls combined to claim both grand championships in market gilt and barrow competition, as well as a reserve champion barrow.

Top finishers were at different ends of the spectrum in terms of age and experience. Ten-year-old Ryan Beaschler and her hog, “Kenny” earned grand championship honors in the market barrow show.

“I was really nervous,” Ryan said of her first ever show. “I spent a lot of time with my hog getting ready.”

The Benjamin Logan elementary student said her primary focus was to make sure she kept the hog’s head up throughout the drive.

Ashton Faler, 17, snapped an extended drought with her grand championship in the barrow show.

She won a grand and reserve championships in 2005, one of her first years showing at the fair, and hadn’t won since.

“I’m excited to win,” Ashton said. “I only have one more year left to show so it really does feel good to win.”

For both reserve champions, it was their highest finish ever in competition. Lexi Stewart, 13, has multiple showmanship trophies to her credit, but today was her first taste of a grand championship.

Lexi said she believed her hog this year was, “more well-rounded,” and had, “a nicer butt.”

The lone male champion, Coy Knotts, 12, earned reserve grand championship honors in gilt competition. The Triad student said afterward he was glad his hard work paid off come show time.

Judging the show for the second consecutive year was Bryan McCoy out of Washington Courthouse, a swine producer out of Fayette County.Swine show results

Market gilts

Lightweight — Class 1: 1. Kyle Kuhn; 2. Katie Ray; 3. Michael Kimbler Jr.; 4. Mason Striker; 5. J.J. Frost; Class 2: 1. Mobley Tate; 2. Kirstin Schlumbohm; 3. Rick Cummins; 4. Cierra Rhoads; 5. Spencer Hughes

Lightweight champion: Kyle Kuhn; Reserve lightweight champion: Mobley Tate

Middleweights — Class 3: 1. Coy Knotts; 2. Nolan Roose; 3. Korrine King; 4. Lukas Schwieterman; 5. Ella Studebaker; Class 4: Shania Taylor; 2. Isaiah Snipes; 3. Taylor Young; 4. Ethan Kavanaugh; 5. Jessica Skidmore; Class 5: 1. Kyle Ackley; 2. Olivia Roose; 3. Adam Black; 4. Lexi Stewart; 5. Dalanie Barns

Middleweight champion: Coy Knotts; Reserve middleweight champion: Kyle Ackley

Heavyweights — Class 6: 1. Ashton Faler; 2. Jackson Grimes; 3. Aaliyah Speert; 4. Katie Ray; 5. Tyler Myers; Class 7: 1. Aaliyah Speert; 2. Chris Watson; 3. Hayden Ackley; 4. Daniel Strayer; 5. Hannah Gross; Class 8: 1. Kristopher Ackley; 2. Brock LeVan; 3. Starrla Austin; 4. Ashley Gearheart; 5. Brady Ackley

Heavyweight champion: Ashton Faler; Reserve heavyweight champion: Aaliyah Speert

Grand champion market gilt: Ashton Faler

Reserve grand champion market gilt: Coy Knotts

Market barrows

Lightweights — Class 1: 1. Trevor Young; 2. Jessie Griffin; 3. Zachary Collins; 4. Morgan Robison; 5. Dakota Trout; Class 2: 1. Jordan Keckler; 2. Jaylee Reid; 3. Dakota Trout; 4. Kyle Kuhn; 5. Kyra Bratton; Class 3: 1. John Zumberger; 2. Bradon Studebaker; 3. Ethan Jackson; 4. Kyra Bratton; 5. Isabelle Young

Lightweight champion: John Zumberger; Reserve lightweight champion: Trevor Young

Middleweights — Class 4: 1. Lexi Stewart; 2. Lane Griffin; 3. Matthew Black; 4. Mason Straker; 5. Lukas Schwieterman; Class 5: 1. Jessica Yoder; 2. Kirstin Schlumbohm; 3. Cheyenne Hill; 4. Dominic Roose; 5. Michael Kimbler Jr.; Class 6: 1. Kyle Ackley; 2. Olivia Roose; 3. Chance Coil; 4. Luke Jackson; 5. Ian Hughes

Middleweight champion: Lexi Stewart; Reserve middleweight champion: Kyle Ackley

Heavyweights — Class 7: 11. Nolan Roose; 2. Tyler Myers; 3. Ashley Gearheart; 4. Taylor Young; Brady Ackley; Class 8: 1. LeAnn Regula; 2. Dalton Faler; 3. Kristopher Ackley; 4. Brock LeVan; 5. Morgan Allen; Class 9: 1. Ryan Beaschler; 2. Korrine King; 3. Jackson Grimes; 4. Daniel Strayer; 5. Isaiah Snipes; Class 10: 1. Morganne Faler; 2. Ashton Faler; 3. Kyle McGuire; 4. Rick Cummins; 5. Dominic Roose

Heavyweight champion: Ryan Beaschler; Reserve heavyweight champion: Morganne Faler

Grand champion market barrow: Ryan Beaschler

Reserve grand champion market barrow: Lexi Stewart

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