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Swonguer's photographs capture multiple honors

It was a big day at the fair for Leslie Swonguer, of Huntsville, who took home three of the top six awards for photography at the Logan County Fair on Monday.


Leslie Swonguer won grand champion honors in both the color and black and white divsions of the Open Class photography show Monday at the Logan County Fair. The Huntsville resident also took home reserve champion in the black and white class. (EXAMINER PHOTO/CARRIE ELLINGTON)

She won grand champion in both the color and black and white divisions of the Open Class contest.

She also took home reserve champion in the black and white class.

Mrs. Swonguer says she has been doing photography for more than 15 years and enjoys nature photos the most.  

“I can’t do pictures of humans. I’m no good at it. Nature and scenic scenes are what I love to do,” said Mrs. Swonguer.

Her winning photo in the color competition was from the fruit and vegetables category. When trying to decide what she would photograph, she wanted something that would be considered outside the box.

“I thought that everyone will be doing things a certain way. So I tried to think what wouldn’t someone take a picture of? And the apple within an apple is what I came up with,” said Mrs. Swonguer.

Her grand champion photo from the black and white class was from an “exciting” day trip to the Mansfield Reformatory, where she and other photographers were given free reign to photograph the prison and the grounds.

“We crawled in the attic, walked through the cells, and just explored for around six or seven hours. That was how I found the chair in an old room,” she said.

She went back to her love of nature for her black and white reserve champion photo. One day she found a jumping spider on her back porch and decided it would make a perfect nature shot.

“I used a macro for the close up. It kept coming closer and closer so I had to scoot back. I’m not a fan of spiders,” she laughed.

In addition to her three winners, Mrs. Swonguer also entered five other photographs.

It was also a big day for Bonnie Brielmaier, the open class color reserve winner.

“I’ve never won a big ribbon before, today is the first day,” she said.

Mrs. Brielmaier, of Kenton, received her ribbon for her close up of a butterfly taken while visiting the Franklin Park Conservatory.

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