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Goslee reports on his office’s work

Logan County Prosecutor William T. Goslee gave members of the Bellefontaine Kiwanis Club an overview of his office during this week’s meeting.

He compared his staff size with the Union County Prosecutor’s Office, a county with a similar size population.

There are four attorneys here while Union County has one more paid through a grant. Other personnel are an office manager/victim advocate; a victim advocate; diversion officer; and two legal assistants.

In Union County, there are four victim advocates; an investigator; three administrative assistants; and five office support staff.

The number of cases filed are similar, Mr. Gosles said, but his office has about half the staff.

His office represents all of the elected county officeholders and township trustees plus county agencies

Early in his tenure, Mr. Goslee developed a letter campaign to help collect delinquent real estate property taxes. More than $600,000 was collected in 2012, he said.

Also he worked with the Logan County Sheriff Andrew J. Smith and Bellefontaine Police Chief Brandon Standley to restart the Logan County Joint Drug Task Force. He believes local news reports show the task force is doing “a good job.”

In another collaboration, his office worked with Mary Rutan Hospital to develop a sexual assault nurse examiner to help with child sexual abuse cases.

As part of the weekly meeting, Bob Erwin received his Legion of Honor Award for 45 years service to the club and Bill Montgomery received his 40-year Legion of Honor.

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