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Scam artists claim to represent Microsoft

A Bellefontaine man fell victim to a scam in which his computer was infected with viruses, opening the way for foreign nationals to gain his confidence to repair the issues.

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Officers of the Bellefontaine Police Department talked with the victim Monday and he told them on Friday he received a call from a male who spoke with an accent, possibly Middle Eastern, claiming to represent software developer Microsoft.

The victim was suspicious and soon hung up on the first caller. Shortly after, a second man claiming to be a supervisor called back and convinced the victim he was with Microsoft.

Following the callers’ advice, the victim found a large number of error messages in the computer’s use history.

The second caller offered to repair the problems via the Internet and the victim agreed, providing a credit card number and then a second card when he was told the first card did not work.

Both cards were charged $300 and no computer problems were fixed.

The victim called Microsoft and was informed the company never calls its customers. He also learned this was a known scam to Microsoft.

He then spent three hours working with Microsoft to remove the viruses left in his computer by the scam artists.

He told police he called his credit card companies to block the bogus transactions.

Officers also advised him to contact his banks to make sure his online banking accounts are safe.

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