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Ben Logan courted for insurance consortium

Preferred Benefits representative Seth Allen outlined at Monday’s board meeting the pros and cons for Benjamin Logan School District to become part of a proposed consortium of county schools considering a switch to a wellness incentive-based, self-funded insurance model program.

Boards from Indian Lake, Riverside and Ohio Hi-Point will hear the same plan in their upcoming meetings, but representatives at Ben Logan said they have been in discussions with Preferred Benefits group for about a year, looking at the financial benefits of becoming self-insured versus the current insurer administered plans.

Participating districts, Mr. Allen said, would benefit from the plan by eliminating administrative costs that schools currently pay to the insurer. Conversely, fiduciary responsibilities would fall to the district, to appoint staff to administer the district’s plan, which could mean more responsibilities for an existing position or the creation of a new one.

Under the consortium, member districts also could avoid some state premium tax, insurer and other fees, and enjoy greater flexibility in plan design. However, should one district opt out, plans for other participating districts would change as premiums increase or decrease based on the number of districts sharing the plan.

Mr. Allen also pointed out a disadvantage to being self-insured — bad years. In the case of a year of high level claims, the losses would fall to the client district and subsequently be shared among members through increased premiums.

The Ben Logan board was set to approve a measure Monday to move toward the self-funded model, but tabled the matter for more information. The board, after raising many concerns, expects to see more detailed numbers and facts before revisiting the subject during the next regular meeting at 7 p.m. July 15.

All the districts considering the change are expected to decide whether or not to join the Logan County Insurance Consortium in a vote Aug. 15. If it joins, Ben Logan would implement the change in January, when its current insurance contract expires.

District officials affirmed the three-day unpaid suspension of Tony Grant, instituted May 29-31. Administrators said Mr. Grant, a 28-year district health/physical education teacher and head wrestling coach, had repeatedly over past years made derogatory remarks to and about students and had been warned numerous times prior to the May disciplinary action.

Ahead of the coming year, school fees were approved, with high school fees set at $70; middle school, $60; and elementary, $50. Lunch prices were set, with elementary lunch, $2.35; high/middle school lunch, $2.60 (reduced, $.40); adult lunch, $2.85; middle/elementary breakfast, $1.30 (reduced, $.30); extra milk, $.40.

Two-year administrator/supervisor contracts were awarded to high school principal Mark Butler, $96,080; high school assistant principal Scott Frederick, $87,629; middle school principal Debra Johnson, $81,774; middle school assistant principal Scott LeVan, $80,966; elementary principal Shari Rice, $88,108; elementary assistant principal Brian Hunt, $79,121; curriculum director/gifted coordinator Sally Stolly, $89,584; psychologist Andy Higgins, $68,343; speech/language pathologist Alana LeMaster, $53,392; activities director Scott Reule, $70,406; food service/public relations director Judy Culp, $45,675; building and grounds director Dan Defibaugh, $54,288; transportation director Richard Sidders, $51,678; and technology coordinator Jason Smith, $52,678.

The board accepted the retirement resignation of fourth-grade teacher Tim Newman, effective June 22; and extended certified one-year contracts to elementary teachers, Samantha Spidle, Ann Stanley and Chelsey Dixon, and intervention specialist Leslie Bailey.

One-year classified contracts went to food service workers Deborah Charbel, Lynette Rostorfer and Karen Richardson, and computer technologist Brian Greavu was issued a two-year limited contract.

Extended service certified contracts were approved for: Gennifer Algire, Christy Fout and Clinton Steinbrunner, four days; James Fawcett and Matthew Green, six days; Susan Ridge, Spencer Reames and Susan Headings, seven days; Alyssa Morrison and Lois Stoll, eight days; Myles Bowers, 10 days; Violetta Brown and Nicole Fuller, 15 days; and Lora James, 30 days.

Extra-duty assignments were given to Nancy Forsythe, assistant cross country; Jamison Hughes, middle school girls basketball; Myles Bowers, marching band and high school musical orchestra; Clinton Steinbrunner, assistant marching band; Michelle Lane and Christy Fout, high school plays; Michael Kildow, high school musical director; Christy Fout, show choir; LeAnn Poppe-Freehauf, National Honor Society; Lois Stoll, teaching assistant program; Violetta Brown and Brad Jones, senior class; Amy Evans, junior class; Gennifer Algire, sophomore class; Andrea Fay and Bryan Knurek, freshman class; Lora James, high school yearbook; Gretchen Powell and Darrin Reese, elementary yearbook; Deepika Scheiderer, middle school newspaper; Lindsey Triplett, high school student government; Darrin Reese, elementary art club; Robert Painter, Key Club; Art Stormer, First Robotics; Jeff Fay and Bryan Knurek, Ohio Model United Nations; Bobby Kennedy-Gill middle school OMUN; Alex Melton and Art Stormer, JETS (TEAMS); Jill Hughes, elementary technology assistant; Art Stormer and Joslin Lee, high school technology assistant; and Andrea Fay and Bryan Knurek, freshman class.

Non-licensed individuals tapped for extra duty assignments included Kae Lynn Lyden, high school student government; Rose Overturf, junior class; Lisa Adams, middle school straight A club; Kathy Watkins, guard/majorette/flags; Bud Watkins, high school musical technician; Kim Smith, assistant musical; Brian Hemmelgarn, assistant football; and Michael Davis and Mike Henman, middle school boys basketball.

The board also accepted, approved or authorized:

• membership in Ohio School Boards Association group rating program administered by CompManagement;

• a Corporate Cash Account with Morgan Stanley;

• an extensive list of certified staff members to participate in the Project Based Learning Summer Training, with registration fees paid for through Race to the Top funds;

• membership in OSHAA;

• a list of overnight field trips for FCCLA;

• agreement with The Ohio State University-Lima for student teachers;

• participation in the National School Lunch Program;

• the sale of a six-row John Deere planter with dry fertilizer boxes and monitor;

• a service agreement with Bellefontaine Physical Therapy for an occupational therapist and assistant as needed;

• agreements with Works International and the West Central Ohio Assistive Technology Center Consortium;

• the donation of flag repair from Frank Lee and Jannice Hall;

• a $19,600 Ohio Performance Assessment Pilot Project;

• a $200 donation from the Ben Logan elementary PTC for a video camera;

• a $3,000 donation from BLES PTC for the third-grade Columbus Zoo field trip;

• a $2,075 donation from music boosters for technology hardware and software;

• a $500 grant from Wal-mart Local Community Contribution Program for the middle school Global Gateways First Lego League; and

• the volunteer coaching services of Jan Mitchell, Don Epps and Mychal Cox.

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