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Savage Race event comes to Logan County

Mud races are gaining popularity across the country and this weekend, Savage Race is coming to Mad River Mountain.


This is the view from atop the 26-foot tall Colossus for participants in Saturday’s Savage Race at Mad River Mountain. Each of an estimated 3,000 participants will slide from the top into a pool below. (EXAMINER PHOTO | JOEL E. MAST)

Around 3,000 people are expected to hit the slopes of the ski resort Saturday and run a 22-station obstacle course that covers six miles.

The obstacles include the race company’s signature Colossus and Davey Jones’ Locker along with hurdles, net climbs, extreme monkey bars and crawling under barbed wire and through tubes.

Mud and water are found in abundance along the course, both as another obstacle and to soften hard landings for participants.

To traverse Colossus, participants will have to scale a 16-foot ramp, climb ladders another 10 feet and then jump on a wide slide that dumps them into pool of water.

The locker, a 12-foot high platform, is slightly higher than a three-meter Olympic high dive. Participants climb up ladders and then are directed off an edge into a 12-foot deep pool.

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