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Centennial structure celebrated

The West Mansfield United Methodist Church congregation hosts a Centennial Celebration during its 9:30 a.m. service Sunday at 212 E. Center St., West Mansfield, to mark 100 years of worship in the sanctuary.


The West Mansfield United Methodist Church congregation celebrates the 100th anniversary of worship in the 212 E. Center St. structure during services Sunday.

Parishioners worshiped under various names in various locations around West Mansfield since 1830.
According to an account in the History of Logan County publication by the Logan County Historical Society, one previous meeting house a mile east of the village collapsed during “a spirited revival” in 1867, after which the congregation decided to move into “the fast-growing town of West Mansfield.”

In 1913, 327 people attended the dedication of a new, modern brick structure, a $19,000 investment supported by donated funds, with Superintendent William McKinley Brackney of the Delaware District offering the dedicatory address.

One year after construction, the church distinguished itself by installing a Felgermaker pipe organ. The church celebrated its 50th year in the building by installing a new pipe organ and redecorating the sanctuary.

In 1980, the church honored the pioneers who built the first structure, Lane Chapel, 150 years prior, with an all-day celebration and homecoming.

This Sunday, Pastor Doug Thompson challenges parishioners with Yesterday, Today, and What’s Next?, from Acts 2:42-47, and the Chancel Choir sings.

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