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Recycling pays

Local municipalities and organizations to receive recycling checks

A combined $14,309 will be paid out to recycling center hosts, as broken down below:

• Village of Belle Center — $1,409, an increase of 6 percent;

• Ohio Hi-Point Career Center — $1,399, an increase of 14 percent;

• Village of DeGraff — $1,461, an increase of 13 percent;

• Perry Township — $1,003, an increase of 9 percent;

• Village of Huntsville — $1,156, an increase of 14 percent;

• Village of Lakview — $1.788, an increase of 2 percent;

• Zane Township — $744, an increase of 8 percent;

• Indian Lake Development Corporation — $1,114, a decrease of 4 percent;

• Village of Quincy — $645, an increase of 15 percent;

• Village of Rushsylvania — $625, an increase of 8 percent;

• Village of Russells Point — $1,070, an increase of 21 percent;

• Village of West Liberty — $1,291, an increase of 7 percent;

• Village of West Mansfield — $890, an increase of 12 percent.

For the third year in a row, county officials will be distributing recycling incentive checks to host communities or organizations providing space to Logan County Solid Waste Management District for local recycling centers.

Along with Logan County Commissioners, the solid waste district begins making the rounds this week to pass out  Community Recycling Incentive Rewards based upon recycling participation in 2012. Officials plan to attend West Liberty and Huntsville village council meetings and an Ohio Hi-Point school board meeting in the next few days to distribute the first of the funds.  

Overall, recycling in Logan County was up 8 percent in 2012, as 1,867 tons of materials were collected.

Lakeview will receive the largest check in the amount of $1,788, followed by DeGraff at $1,461.

The largest increase in recycled materials was in Russells Point, with a 21 percent increase in volume over last year. Quincy increased its recycling volume by 15 percent and Huntsville was up 14 percent.

In all, $14,309 will be distributed to the 13 recycling center hosts. The local recycling centers are paid $10 per ton of material collected.

Despite increases in recycling volume and participation, total receipts taken by Logan County Solid Waste Management District declined last year, primarily because of price reductions on the world market.

Solid waste officials are considering next year altering the price paid out per ton of recycled material, unless the market price of recyclable materials improves.

Logan County is among the leaders in recycling in Ohio, according to the solid waste district, as an average of two out of every three materials that previously would have been directed to the landfill are either reused or recycled.

The percentage of diverted materials also factors in Honda’s zero waste facilities in Russells Point and at East Liberty, along with recycling participation among small businesses and residential neighborhoods.

A goal of the solid waste district is to provide better recycling opportunities for apartment housing, officials report.

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