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Memorial Hospital performs first heart catheterization

MARYSVILLE — Memorial Hospital of Union County recently reached a special milestone in its history — the completion of its first cardiac catheterization.


Henk Berbee of Marysville is pictured in the cath lab at Memorial Hospital of Union County two days after his catheterization procedure. The image on the screen behind him is one captured during his procedure, the first ever completed at the hospital’s new Heart and Surgical Pavilion. (PHOTO | MEMORIAL HOSPITAL)

The procedure, conducted in Memorial Hospital’s new multi-purpose catheterization laboratory or “cath lab,” begins a new era of cardiac care not previously available in the community.

Late last week, Marysville resident Henk Berbee began to experience shortness of breath and dizziness, much like he experienced during his last cardiac event in 2007.

Knowing the importance of not dismissing signs of cardiac distress, Mr. Berbee called his cardiologist and was directed to the emergency room at Memorial Hospital. There an examination showed low blood oxygen levels, indicating a need for further cardiac diagnostics to determine the underlying cause.

After monitoring the patient’s current condition and reviewing his health history, a special team of cardiologists from The Ohio State Heart & Vascular Center at Marysville determined that Mr. Berb would be a suitable candidate for diagnostic heart catheterization at Memorial’s new cath lab.

“This diagnostic cath was by far the best of the three procedures I’ve had,” Mr. Berbee said.

“I felt very comfortable thanks to the state-of-the-art technology used and the fact that I didn’t have to travel to access it.

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