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Board seeks to break even with May 7 levy

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Logan County Auditor Mike Yoder was in attendance for the district board of education meeting Monday to certify a 10-year, 4.6-mill additional tax levy for the May 7 ballot to raise $1.375 million each year for Benjamin Logan Local Schools.

Board president Bill Ramsey said that the finance committee looked at a number of millage options, and taking into consideration the local economy, opted for the 4.6 mills “trying to keep it even.”

He said, “We looked at the numbers for the five-year forecast and (this) will keep us whole ... as we are currently,” adding that with the state’s unsettled budget, it is nearly impossible to definitively know what impact new state cuts and mandates will have on any school district five years out.

Vice president Dr. Jason Robson added that there are no plans or discussions to make cuts to any programs or staff, should the levy fail.

Treasurer Robert Kuehnle said the levy will cost a homeowner roughly $140 per $100,000 of valuation annually, with Mr. Ramsey noting that the levy will only maintain carryover and not add more money to the bottom line.

“We have great things going on here and we want to continue that,” Mr. Kuehnle said.

Resident and parent Ginger Shellenberger added her support and offered her services to help make the levy a success.

Superintendent Lori Lytle introduced a new program for staff members that offers safety training modules online in a “user-friendly” format. Through Public School Works, staff members can get training in every facet of safety, from bullying, harassment and evacuations to workplace and individual safety, from any computer.

The board accepted the resignations of elementary school recess aide Talitha Farris, middle school head cook Elizabeth Tevis and bus driver Alissa Taylor. Ms. Farris will take a part-time elementary educational assistant role, along with Leslee Simmons, Jessica Willoby and Nathan Stierhoff.

Extra-duty contracts were awarded to Tom Braddock, middle school boys track; Jamison Hughes, middle school girls track; Marice Straker, assistant middle school track; and Scott Vermillion, middle school OMUN.

In other matters, the board accepted, approved or authorized:

• $24 per hour OGT intervention tutoring stipends for Jamison Hughes, Luann Schmitmeyer, LeAnn Poppe-Freehauf, Joslin Lee, Jeff Fay and Brad Jones;

• $24 OAA intervention tutoring stipends to Deepika Scheiderer, Marice Straker, Tom Braddock, Lisa Cox, Anthony Elsasser, Lori Young, Nancy Forsythe, Kevin Penwell, Polly Pohlable, Dona Vida, Julie Karg, Angie Shappie, Januah Anspach, Aryn Forsythe, Jessica Hilbun, Virginia Hostetler, Nancy McGuire, Tina McPherson, Donna Miller, Alecia Myers, Gretchen Powell, Susan Ridge, Kathy Stierhoff and Matt Young;

• membership in the Ohio School Boards Association;

• membership with the Metropolitan Educational Council, $704.09;

• a $500 Ohio Small Grains Grant to FFA for the purchase of two flat screen televisions for the commons, and ingredients for taste testing opportunities;

• $3,775 Honda STEM Club Support Grant for Art Stormer for TEAMS needs and activities;

• $499.99 iLearn Spanish Energizing Education Grant from Logan County Electric Cooperative for Nelly Hughes to purchase an iPad for classroom resources;

• $250 A Bit of Lit Energizing Education Grant from Logan County Electric Cooperative for Amy McCormick for literature resources;

• $536.85 Independent, Engaged and Connected to the Community Energizing Education Grant from Logan County Electric Cooperative for Sally Stolly and middle school Robotics; and

• the volunteer coaching services of Tanner Peterson, John Campbell, Doug Cronkleton and Brad Horton.

No action was taken following an executive session to discuss the continued employment of personnel. The next regular meeting is at 7 p.m. Feb. 11.

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