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Ellis placed into state juvenile system

A 15-year-old ringleader in a March escape from the Logan County Juvenile Detention Center will spend another 21⁄2 years in confinement.



Danny Ellis Jr., who turns 16 in a few weeks, admitted Friday to a litany of crimes including felonious assault on a peace officer.

Logan County Family Court Judge Michael Brady decided the teen has not responded well to years of local court sanctions and ordered the Indian Lake area boy to serve time at an Ohio Department of Youth Services facility.

The judge also found Danny’s lack of compliance with past rehabilitation efforts and the severity of his assault on Deputy Tim Klinglehofer were valid reason to declare the boy a serious youthful offender.

Under that classification, Danny was given a five-year sentence in adult prison for the felonious assault charge.

That sentence, the judge said, can be imposed if the teen commits a misdemeanor or felony act of violence in or outside the DYS term or fails to comply with terms of his juvenile commitment.

Danny, Caleb Jacobs, now 18, and Devante Smith, 15, escaped from the Logan County Juvenile Detention Center on March 6.

Danny and Mr. Jacobs pummeled Deputy Klinglehofer and struggled with Corrections Officer Cpl. Shelly Wisner during the escape.

Deputy Klinglehofer sustained significant head injuries and continues to suffer from headaches in the wake of the attack.

Devante admitted to his role and was placed in a DYS facility in Xenia for six months.

Mr. Jacobs has been charged with felonious assault, a first-degree felony; assault, a fourth-degree felony; and escape, a third-degree felony. His case is pending.

Friday, Danny was sentenced on charges in four different cases: a 2010 breaking and entering disposition; a 2011 theft of a motor vehicle charge for stealing personal watercraft; a burglary in Dayton; and the March escape for which he was charged with felonious assault, a first-degree felony; assault, a fourth-degree felony; escape, a third-degree felony; and theft.

In all, he was sentenced to 3 1⁄2 years in DYS. However, he will get credit for nearly a year behind bars. The teen has been incarcerated since Jan. 31 aside for his brief two-day escape.

Judge Brady ordered the teen to complete his high school degree while in DYS and undergo drug and alcohol treatment.

He did not fine the boy but held judgment on restitution.

“I want you to do your time, learn as much as you can and come out unencumbered,” Judge Brady said.

When given an opportunity to speak on his own behalf, Danny apologized before telling the judge that he is suffering more than his victim.

“I’ve got to deal with it every minute of every day,” he said to Judge Brady.

“Well, I’m sure Deputy Klinglehofer is dealing with it every day too,” the judge responded. “ And he has a long road to recovery.

“I suspect that you too have a long way to go. I can tell you that based on your statements here today.”

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