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Woman lodged on felony charge

Betty Jean Carter, 22, of 2166 County Road 29, who fled Bellefontaine Police Department officers in a Wednesday morning chase, was lodged on a felony charge of failure to comply with a lawful police order and a warrant for driving under suspension.



The chase began on the city’s west end around 8:40 a.m. when an officer patrolling near Western Intermediate School, 1135 W. Sandusky Ave., observed a young white female walk out of a house reportedly linked to drug trafficking and into a gray pickup truck.

The officer tried to read the license plate on the pickup but could not. He tried to stop it in the 800 block of west Sandusky Avenue. The motorist pulled over, but took off eastbound as the officer walked up to the pickup.

In the 300 block of Garfield, she pulled off the road and onto a sidewalk. The passenger jumped out and ran off.

Ms. Carter continued east and then south on Detroit Street, running stop signs and traffic signals. At Detroit and Lincoln Avenue, the officer observed her drive between a southbound mail truck and a northbound car.

She continued to Carter Avenue and then westward to Plumvalley Street to Troy Road.

The officers observed her continue to run stop signs at each intersection including Troy and County Road 11 and county roads 18 and 200 before terminating his pursuit.

A second officer spotted her on Gunntown Road and followed her home.

Deputies of the Logan County Sheriff’s Office also responded and converged on the residence.

She was taken into custody.

In all, the officer reported the motorist ran nine stop signs and drove in a reckless manner. More charges are possible.

The other suspect eluded officers.

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