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Two arrested despite fight with officers

Anthony Tyrone Johnson, 27, of Bellefontaine, was arrested Monday for resisting arrest, failure to appear on an assault charge and two counts of non-support of dependents, while Richard McWilliams, 29, of 11736 Williams Drive, Lakeview, was arrested on a parole violation.





Two-full time officers and an auxiliary officer were called to 547 E. Columbus Ave., Apt. 3, around 9:20 p.m. on a report Mr. McWilliams was there.

They were granted entry and told the suspect was hiding.

As officers entered a bedroom, Mr. Johnson tried to push past them and leave. A struggle ensued involving all three officers, one of whom used pepper spray on the suspect. At one point, the suspect tried to urge others in the apartment to join the fray.

He was taken to the floor and handcuffed, but continued to resist as he was led out.

Two more officers and a Logan County Sheriff’s deputy arrived to provide backup and continued the search for Mr. McWilliams who was found in the attic.

Both men were transported to jail.

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