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Lakeview restaurant closed after critical violations found

Logan County District Board of Health members dealt with a number of environmental health matters at their Wednesday afternoon meeting, including confirming the Logan County Health Commissioner’s closing of a Lakeview area restaurant.

On Nov. 28, Health Commissioner Dr. Boyd Hoddinott suspended the food service license for Blackhawk Inn, 11543 State Route 365, Lakeview, and its license holder, Darrell Johnston, after Logan County Health District inspectors found critical violations at the business.

During the inspection conducted Nov. 27, it was discovered that a reach-in refrigerator was not working in the food prep area, and food in the refrigerator unit was 61 degrees.

Also, in an outside walk-in cooler, fish fillets and a rancid bag of chicken drippings were found with no discard date. In a walk-in cooler in the bar area, beef and cottage cheese also did not have discard dates.

Rancid food also was found in the bar area walk-in cooler.

Relating to handwashing procedures, neither soap nor hand-drying materials were found at the restaurant’s handwashing sink. Warm water also was not available in restrooms at the facility.

Craig Kauffman, director of environmental health, said his inspectors have been made aware of ongoing issues at the business.

“We’ve received a number of complaints about the facility in the past year, and have documented critical and non-critical violations.”

Following the suspension of the food service license, the business has closed and Mr. Kauffman said he has not been informed about the owner’s plans for the future.

“I’m not sure what the owner’s intentions are moving forward, whether he plans to try to correct the issues or to stay closed indefinitely.”

Members also issued orders to two other restaurants relating to correct non-critical violations. James Broad, license holder for the Indian Head Roadhouse, 509 E. Main St., Russells Point, was issued an order to  correct violations, including adding use-by dates to open containers of milk and sealing a screen door that leads to a deck area, by Dec. 31.

Jason Platfoot, license holder for Black Tie Catering, 116 N. Main St., received an order to correct several issues with the physical facilities, including an inoperative light in an employee restroom and to seal all openings around utility lines, by Dec. 31.

During an open hearing on food service license fee increases, Don Eggenschwiller, owner of the Landing Tavern, 235 E. Main St., Russells Point, asked the board to reconsider raising some of its fees by as much as 40 to 45 percent.

“If you could find a way to parcel this in over two years, that would be beneficial to all of the restaurant owners in the area,” he said.

Members agreed to his request, and rescinded its second reading of the Amendment to Regulation 40 relating to the food service license fee increases.

The licensing fees will be revised so that the increase is phased in over a two-year period. Members will consider this new measure at their next meeting, 1 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 2.

Also, Grant Peper, owner of a vacant home with a collapsing roof at 9739 E. Lakeshore Drive, Huntsville, was present to ask the board to reconsider an order to remove the house at that property.

Mr. Peper said he had immediate plans to fix the roof of the structure. Members granted him an extension until the next regular meeting to show substantial progress on the project.

In other action, the board:

• ordered Doug Johann, 129 S. Dean St., West Mansfield, to remove garbage bags, a mattress, and other furniture in the yard within three days;

• ordered Patricia Godwin of Roundhead to secure an open garage and house at 113 West St., Bellefontaine, and to remove all solid waste within seven days;

• ordered Jerry Dean Van Horn of West Liberty, who owns a property at 309 E. Columbus Ave., Bellefontaine, with trash in the yard and a refrigerator on the porch, to remove all solid waste within three days;

• approved the continuance of a variance request for Jack Felver, 1111 Alpine Cove, Valley Hi, relating to the maintenance of a holding tank as a household sewage treatment system;

• approved a probationary evaluation for Leica McGill and an annual evaluation for Kelli Tevis, home health billing specialist;

• approved a half-day of paid vacation for staff members for Dec. 24; and

• approved quarterly immunization fee adjustments as follows: Gardasil, $160; MMR, $80; Pneumovax, $85; TD, $45; Varivax, $115; Zostovax, $185; Tubersol, $30; Imovax, $240; Tdap, $60; Engerix-B, $60; Havrix (adult), $60; Havrix (pediatric) $45; Rotarix, $130; Menveo, $115; all effective Jan. 1.

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