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Logan County voters weigh in on state, national questions


Local turnout about 69 percent

About 21,000 of Logan County’s 30,563 registered voters, or about 69 percent, cast ballots in the 2012 election, according to unofficial results from the Logan County Board of Elections.
All but 19 absentee or early votes were counted and included in the preliminary vote totals. There are 722 provisional votes that will be counted on Nov. 20.

The first precinct in was Bellefontaine’s 2C which came in at 8:05 p.m. Lake Township was the last, crossing the threshold into the board offices around 9:40 p.m.

Board employees reported no problems with Tuesday’s elections.

In the presidential elections, county votes were:

• 12,588 for Mitt Romney;

• 6,509 for President Obama;

• 193 for Gary Johnson;

• 77 for Jill Stein;

• 65 for Richard Duncan;

• 57 write-ins;

• 52 for Virgil Goode; and

• 11 for Stewart Alexander.

For U.S. Senator:

• 12,251 for Josh Mandel;

• 6,006 for Sherrod Brown; and

• 1,141 for Scott Rupert.

For the Fourth Congressional District:

• 13,381 for Jim Jordan;

• 4,676 for Jim Slone; and

• 873 for Chris Kalla.

In the races for Ohio Supreme Court, the county tallies were:

• 11,116 for Terrence O’Donnell compared to 3,703 for Mike Skindell

• 10,492 for Robert Cupp with 5,043 for William O’Neill

• 10,931 for Sharon L. Kennedy and 3,818 for Yvette McGee Brown.

On State Issue 1, there were 4,259 “Yes” votes and 13,315 “No” votes.

State Issue 2 totals were 3,872 “Yes” and 13,988 “No” votes.

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