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Lawmen put training to work



Learning new patrol skills in a training session is all well and good, but it takes roadwork to put that training to work.

This summer, specialized patrol teams from the district office of the Ohio State Highway Patrol instructed officers of the Bellefontaine Police Department and deputies of the Logan County Sheriff’s Office on advance patrol techniques.

For the past two days, those trainers were back in the area working with officers and deputies. Police Chief Brandon Standley said it would have been best to continue the patrol effort for several more days, but the current election season has put higher demands on the troopers.

Still, the work resulted in two felony apprehensions.

Kelly Stover, 22, at large, was charged Wednesday with possession of drug abuse instruments and obstructing official business and was served a warrant for failure to appear after he ran from a traffic stop around 10:35 a.m. Wednesday.

Thursday, Marcus Tabler, 29, of Columbus, was charged with three counts of obstructing justice and lodged on a probation violation.

Chief Standley was part of the Tabler stop and described the events leading to the stop.

He said they were about to wrap up the day when they spotted an approaching car at a four-way stop.

“The driver looked up at us and gave us one of those ‘Oh, no’ looks,” the chief said. “We ran the plates and got a hit that its owner is wanted for a drug violation out of Oklahoma.”

So they followed the car to the 200 block of east Patterson Avenue where the driver pulled to the curb, but did not put the car in park.

They initiated the stop and began talking to the driver and passenger who had gotten out of the vehicle.

Mr. Tabler took off running with the trooper in pursuit.

The trooper, unfamiliar with the city, stopped and turned it over to local officers.

Bellefontaine’s canine unit responded as the officers tracked the suspect to the Logan County Historical Society Museum, 521 E. Columbus Ave.

The suspect gave up as police were about to unleash canine Toby. No injuries or property damage were reported.

The car was impounded by troopers.

Troopers report Mr. Tabler also received a stop sign violation, seatbelt violation and was cited for driving without an operator’s license.

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