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Reminiscing friends surprised with kind offer

A recent visit to Bellefontaine for city native Dolores Jennings Ott, who now resides in Ft. Myers, Fla., was made especially memorable because of the kindness of a generous stranger.

Mrs. Jennings Ott wrote a letter to the Examiner’s forum about an evening spent at Bob Evans Restaurant in Bellefontaine with her fellow Bellefontaine High School classmate, Eileen Miksch. The longtime friends had much to talk about over dinner.

“As often happens, we were somewhat over zealous with our laughter over our youthful reminiscences,” the 85-year-old wrote. “Indeed, we were a wee bit loud!”

While the duo thought they might be disturbing other diners, they were surprised to find out that their light-hearted conversation actually had the opposite effect on a fellow patron.

“A young man stopped at our table, picked up both our checks, and assured us dinner was on him because he was heartened to hear us having such a great time together,” the city native wrote.

This thoughtful gesture came as a big surprise for the reminiscing friends, noted Mrs. Jennings Ott’s sister, Lois Lattimer, with whom the vacationer was staying during her trip.

“They were just flabbergasted,” Mrs. Lattimer said. “She (Dolores) came home just up on a cloud.”

Without knowing it, the benevolent diner also has inspired further kind actions to come.

“What a wonderful thing to do,” Mrs. Jennings Ott said. “How much finer would this old world be if each of us learned to enjoy and share happier things in life.

“So, to that unknown special angel, thanks from my friend and me. Rest assured, I intend to ‘Pass it forward.’”

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