Meals on Wheels drivers play valuable role

To the voters of Logan County and interested individuals, sometimes we are given a chance to make things right and this is a time. Transportation and Meals on Wheels are two programs that we need to keep, as we get older and have to depend on others. These were programs that not only helped seniors to appointments but also gave a hot meal a day. The smiles and caring by all Meals on Wheels drivers plus that of transportation drivers. As drivers you got to know the seniors and relate to their habits. It was a way of checking on seniors and if something was wrong we, as drivers, could report it. This let seniors be more independent.

Here we are, Meals on Wheels drivers without jobs and we are seniors ourselves trying to make ends meet. If you were asked to give suggestions you were only criticized. Were we treated equal? The answer is no. You’re not allowed to speak to the other drivers, you have to obey, but enough is enough. If transportation cannot have Meals on Wheels in their building, then there should be something that can be done. Just do not sweep us under the rug and not be responsible.

Donald Ennis

Russells Point

Jane Adams McKee