Justices quiz both sides on threat records access

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — The Ohio Supreme Court has forcefully questioned lawyers on both sides of a dispute over the state's decision to withhold records documenting threats against Republican Gov. John Kasich from a political blogger.

Lawyers for Plunderbund and the Ohio Department of Public Safety addressed justices Tuesday.

Plunderbund's attorney argued the department is interpreting the term "security" too broadly in refusing to release any part of investigation files involving threats to Kasich which the Democratic-leaning political blog sought in August 2012.

The state's attorney said Ohio public-records law makes clear the government can shield the records from public view for Kasich's protection.

Justices questioned the extent of Plunderbund's request. They also repeatedly suggested to the state's lawyer that exempting even the existence of a threat may take the law too far.